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:?: I'm looking to buy my first SLR. I hear one of the primary factors to consider is which company has the lenses you like since they are not interchangeable. I am considering a canon 40D or 6D......? But the reviews I read on their push pull pro lenses say they are hard to get a precise focus. But you will get use to it. Should I consider a different brand camera or am I making to big a deal out of the push pull focus ?
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A couple points...

I am considering a canon 40D or 6D
There is no 6d in canon's lineup. Were you talking about the 5d?

But the reviews I read on their push pull pro lenses say they are hard to get a precise focus.
Not sure what reviews you were reading. I believe there are only 2 lenses in the entire lineup that are push-pull (canon 100-400 and one other I can't remember). That refers to how you ZOOM though not how you focus. As far as not being able to get precise focus with the 100-400 or any canon pro lens that's absolutely absurd.

Now, if you are talking about MANUAL (vs. auto) focusing that's something else and there are other factors at play.

But, all this asside, it's still not possible to say whether the 40d or 5d is the best fit for you without knowing more information:
  • what aspects of photography are you interested in. Please be specific.[/*]
  • what is your budget?
These are critical factors. The camera body is only part of the equation. You have to have the right lenses for what you want to do (note plural ). And, depending on what that is you may need other accessories - flash or tripod to obtain optimal results.
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By indicating the Canon 40D in your interest list, that would tell us that you're looking to spend around $1500.00 for a camera and kit lens. Maybe you should confirm that as John has suggested. The 40D is a really nice camera, almost bought one myself.

Be prepared, if you're making a transition from film slrs to a full-blown digital SLR with interchangeable lenses... to do a lot of learning. Shooting with my F2s is a piece of cake compared to my D300. I figure it'll take me 3-6 months to really get comfortable with all the features available to me, plus using the lenses I have for it. And while I've had a few of the high-end Nikon digital prosumer products like the CP990 and its predecessor, it really didn't prepare me for the D300's vast array of controls and options.

As far as lenses go, both canon and other companies have more than enough lenses available for their DSLRs, plus there are numerous aftermarket lenses, and then there's the option of retrofitting film lenses if you're will to give up some automation and work a few dials :?. If the specific lens you need is a push-pull, I think you'll adapt after a while to where its not a big deal.
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