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Default Which Bridge Camera by Black Friday?

I have been looking at cameras for about a month now and am quite overwhelmed. I have only used a P&S and am planning on going to the UK next June. After researching the newest cameras, I realize there is not one camera that is going be perfect for my needs so I am hoping members here will help me with making a decision.

Due to my lack of experience, I think the best thing for me is to stay in the "bridge" catagory. I like the Panasonic cameras, but there aren't any stores in my town that sell them so I cannot check them out to see how they feel in my hands.

Doing homework online, I have learned that I can get the Canon SX30 IS for around $179 on Black Friday at two stores but I am not sure if I should do it. I am torn between this model and the Canon G10. Unfortunately, nobody has the G10 either. lol.

If the SX30 IS is a great camera, I don't want to miss the opportunity of purchasing it on Black Friday because I'll buy more than one as gifts for family members as well. I may take a 30-40 minute drive to a larger town and see what is available.

So I am in a predicament. What I want, I can't see or get locally and I don't like purchasing anything without seeing it first so I have to rely on others for referrals. What's the difference between Panasonic and Canon? I'm still sitting on the fence. HELP!! lol.

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I made a mistake. The cameras on special will be the SX130. There should be a law against manufacturers making models so close in name. lol.

So while out looking at cameras with my husband, I thought maybe upgrading to a Rebel so I have to do my homework over again. Which one is appropriate for beginners?
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The best entry level DSLR in my opinion would b the Pentax k-x around $650 with the 18-55 & 55-300 kit lens. U can prob get it cheaper with a different set of lenses or lens,or the new micro 4/3 rds format cameras likes of Olympus EPL-1,Sony NEX,Panasonic GF2 etc
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I'm not familiar with the Panasonics....so I can't comment on that. I know some people have recommended certain models because they have quite good zoom capabilities. However, if none are available to look at then that complicates things You definitely want to have a camera that fits well in your hand and of which the menu selections make sense to you.

I'm not sure, but it also looks like your budget is within limits so I won't suggest an entry level dslr....although, you can pick some up at decent prices, particularly on the US Black Friday so if you can stretch your budget a bit, that might be worth a look. Some DSLR's with good reviews are the Pentax Kx, Canon XSI - the XSI has been upgraded twice now with the Canon T1i and T2i, so you should be able to pick one up at a fairly good price. They do have automatic controls for those new to using manual controls....so you will grow with the camera.

The Canon's G-Series are an excellent bridge camera as is the S90/S95 (the 95 is newer). The G-Series are a bit bulky for some coming from a small P&S so then the S90/95 camera may be an option as they share the same sensor but the S90 (last years model) is the same size as a regular P&S. I have the G11 and am thrilled with its capabilities. Both the G11 and S90 are excellent in low light giving you more options without needing to use your flash. The G-series offer good image quality.

Read some reviews on this site or even cameralabs or dpreview as all will give you excellent feedback and in some cases video footage of the camera's so you can see how they respond to conditions. I used these sites when researching which camera I wanted to purchase. Just select the camera's your interested in and go from there. Each have pros and cons so it really is a personal choice and budget driven.
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