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sbamos Oct 16, 2010 4:48 PM

Bridge cameras

I'm not new here, just haven't posted in a while. I still have my Canon XSi. Saw an ad for an Olympus Pen, bridge camera, and was intrigued. How would the picture quality compare to my canon? It is more like a dslr or p&s? I love my xsi, but find it is a little heavy and usually get my husband to tote it when out and about. I have the kit lens, a prime 50, and a 55-250 zoom. How do the lenses for the Olympus compare to these? If I get one, I will still keep my Canon. Anybody got one and like it?



shoturtle Oct 16, 2010 6:00 PM

the pen's are not bridge camera's it is a EVIL. They allow for fully interchangable lenses with m4/3 and 4/3 oly and panasonic lenses. And the epl-1 compares quite well against my T1i.

sbamos Oct 16, 2010 6:06 PM

ok thanks, I'll check those out.:)

shoturtle Oct 16, 2010 6:07 PM

your welcome. I got mine as it is a better travel size camera with fantastic image quality to go along with my canon dslr's

sbamos Oct 16, 2010 8:26 PM

So I gather there are bridge cameras in Samsung, Panasonic and Olympus? Would any of them be significantly smaller than my Canon xsi? (which I know is not very big as far as dslr's go) What about lenses? Do these come with or have available an "all in one " lens? Like 28-135 or similar? If I got one, one of the main reasons would be not to have to change lens. Or is there a similar make camera with a fixed zoom lens that I am not aware of? I mean, one that is close to a dslr like these are supposed to be? Thanks

shoturtle Oct 16, 2010 8:32 PM

the bridge camera like the panasonic FZ40 FZ100, Canon SX30, are smaller then the XSi, but the image quality will not be good in low light, 600iso is good, and 800iso is the top end. But the small sensor give you a long reach with a 24x zoom or 35x zoom with the canon. Camera like the canon G11, G12 and nikon P7000 gives you a larger sensor but max at 7x zoom, so they are better at 800iso, and top limit is at 1600iso. But at 1600iso it does not compare to the XSi at 1600iso. There is dslr 1600iso and pns 1600iso. Very different in image quality. Also a bridge camera can not change lenses.

shoturtle Oct 16, 2010 8:37 PM

With EVIL's electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens camera like the m4/3 format of oly and panny, or the aps-c of the samsung NX or sony NEX. There are lens that you can get with something close to the 28-135.

With the panny or olympus you can go with the panasonic 14-140mm HD lens or the Olympus 14-150mm.

The sony and samsung, are coming out with their own all around lens. Sony has the 18-200mm HD lens. Samsung is not out yet.

Tullio Oct 17, 2010 10:40 AM

Considering how small DSLRs are today, some bridge cameras are not much smaller at all. They may be lighter (I recently bought a Pentax Kx and was surprised by how heavy it was - although most of the weight was caused by the 4x AA batteries it takes) but not smaller.

sbamos Oct 17, 2010 12:36 PM

so it probably wouldn't be much lighter than my xsi, right? We don't live near anything so can't run to store and see for myself. I love my canon, just getting the bug to get another one. Please look at the pics of cotton field I put under Landscape and let me know your opinions please. Quality is very important to me, just was curious about the smaller almost-dslr types, and also the fact it will take video.

shoturtle Oct 17, 2010 1:16 PM

actually the epl-1 is allot lighter and smaller then my t1i which is the same size as your XSi. And it makes for allot smaller camera bag when my wife travels. She can have the epl1 with kit lens, 35mm macro, 20mm 1.7, 45-200 and have room for the flash we are going to get, and it all fits in a crumpler 5 million dollar home bag. A similar set up with my t1i will not fit in my 6 million dollar home which is a much bigger bag.

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