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Default Bridge or point and shoot for trip to the Grand Canyon

Hi Folks, I am new here. I have been researching cameras for the past 3 weeks- online and in store - and am thoroughly confused. I do apologize if this has been beaten to death before. I think I have read too much!!
I have only used point and shoot, but have "played with cameras" all my life- had a little darkroom experience way back with my dad. I have the opportunity for at trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon in a couple of weeks. I have been wanting a new camera for quite a while- but had not decided what to get. I currently have an old olympus camedia and a 3x zoom GE. Would love a Canon Sx 40 - but the price will cramp me a bit right now and want to have fun as well as take pics. I would prefer keeping it in the 200 - 250 range. I have looked at the GE X 500- hear poor quality tho the cheap GE I carry w me does great for snapshots. I really want good wide angle shots as well as zoom. Back home I would love to be able to get some great bird pics across a small pond and travel. As I look toward a later life retirement I would really like to expand my photography skills, so don't mind the option of some manual options. Any recommendations of camera or even what zoom would probably be sufficient. I also have looked at a few Fugi FinePix that are more in my price range. Thanks guys. I am enjoying reading the posts.
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G'day TIF

You say that the SX40 would cramp your budget - understand your dilemma all too well
and that the Fuji range seem of interest...
On that basis, my choices would be the Fuji 3200 or 4000 or 2950
The 3200 & 4000 both start with a 24mm wide angle lens; the 2950 start at 28mm wide angle
All have pretty good zooms

You 'should' handle them in a shop to see which fits your hand/finders/eye best rather than just buy from a catalogue

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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Thanks, Phil. I looked at your flicker photos- Yeah, that's what I want to be able to do!!! Of course I realize the one holding the camera has to have the skills. Thank you so much for your recommendations. I had looked at a couple of the models you recommended and will probably go with one of them- that is unless my budget gets revised as I know the rest of my expenses and I can get the SX 40. Thank you so much. Will post what I decide and a pic or 2 if they turn out alright.
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Default Got the canon sx 40!

I handled the Fugi's and the Canon SX 40 in the store and the Fugi just didn't fit my hands, so I went ahead and bought the Canon SX 40 . I am really impressed. Got it last night. Today I have taken pictures of flowers, birds, geese on the water and the moon tonight- so far all on automatic settings, but the quality is better that I even expected ( for me). I did not use a tripod and the pics of the moon tonight amazed me. I am definitely an amateur, but I believe this camera will serve me well.
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Hi travelinfool- glad you're impressed with your acquisition.
The SX40 is up with the best in the IQ stakes.
You'll find as you grow into the camera and dare to come off the "Auto" settings,you can get more speed out of the camera also- for example selecting AF area can improve AF speed- and selecting AF area size can improve AF accuracy in tight spots- such as a we bird amongst branches or foliage...
Probably most important for the Grand Canyon,however,is the nice wide 24mm lens- perfect for such an environment.
I hope you post some images on here of the Grand place when you return...
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