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When using zoom at 4x or greater you will get more useable shots with IS than without it.It is also useful in low light.
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That's the general thought, although I've had no trouble with blurry shots even with the zoom on my S5000 all the way out. If I add an extender lens on it, however, it becomes another thing altogether.... with the extender I'm lucky to even get a usable shot much less a good one without a tripod. I've been pleasantly surprised at how well the S5000 has done for me without having IS on it. I actually don't miss having IS.

I think someone who hasn't used a camera with a strong zoom might not have the same luck as I have, though, because you definitely have to concentrate a bit on holding the camera properly, whether you have IS or not, at least, that's been my experience. It definitely doesn't hurt to have IS on a camera.
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I am trying to decide between the Minolta Z2 and the Fuji S5100 also. My main differences are:

Z2 = faster reponse and shot-to-shot cycle times

S5100 = better low light focusing but ~$40 more (including pricer xD card)

According to numbers in various websites (including dpreview and imaging-resources), the Z2 is clearly faster. But, users add that the low light image quality of the Z2 is an issue.

My two pet peeves are lag/cycle times and low light quality!

The Z3 was a consideration when buy.com had it for $310 (BEFORE rebate) last week for a day or two Now, the $80 premium and many negative comments on image quality have turned me off on the Z3...

Decisions, decisions, decisions... <sigh>

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Remember, the Fuji has a $50 rebate through July 2. That should make the price equivalent to that of the Z2.
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After much research and thought, I've decided to purchase the Minolta Z2 insteadof the Fuji S5100. Here's why:

Speed - Numerous sites tested Z2's Power Up time at ~3.0 seconds vs. 3.7 - 5.0 seconds for the Fuji. It may not sound like a lot but 1-2 seconds can be the difference between getting a shot of a spontaneous moment or missing it waiting for the camera to power up. Z2's Shutter lag times are also a tad faster.

Cycle times - This was harder to compare as some sites did not clarify (some of) their numbers as with or without flash.Where there were direct comparisons on the same site, the numbers were inconsistent. dpreview states the Z2's shot-to-shot times were 2.5 seconds w/o flash, 2.4 seconds with flash. The same site states the Fuji's times were 1.6 and 4.9 respectively. But pcmag states 2.2 seconds for the Z2 and 1.3 for the Fuji (both times with flash)

Low light focus/quality - True, the Fuji wins on this one but those types of shots are only a portion of what I take. Besides, there are some sites (like imaging resources) that rate these two camerasfairly evenly on indoor settings. And, I haven't heard that many negative comments from Z2 owners (unlike those of the Z3).

Memory card- There is a slight price premium for the Fuji (xd card) and there are some video problems with a 1 GB card. No such issues and more choices for the Z2.

Bottom line - The Z2's performance speed will impact every shotI taken while the Fuji's low light positves will impact only some of the shots. To me, I'd rather have the speed.

Any thoughts??

BestPriceAudioVideo.comhas the best price on the Z2 right now. I've read that someone bought their Z2 at Walmart for $186 earlier this month, But, I've called 12 Walmarts near me and no one has the Z2 in stock.

Any thoughts on BestPriceAudioVideo.com??
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