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I am in real estate and need a camera with a wide angle lens built into it. I have narrowed my choice down to these two Canon S70 or Olympus C5060. I like the smallness of the S70 so I am leaning toward that but have heard good things about the C-5060
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i'd go with your gut and get the s70.. great canon glass, good price for 7.1 megapixels and a very topnotch build quality...
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Old Dec 13, 2004, 3:54 AM   #3
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I posted this a few days back so I will copy it again. I am a semi professional photographer and for publishing purposes I have had no complaints ever on the quality of the photos taken. Yes it is bigger than the S70 but it's ease of use and durability are superb.

I think that this camera is about the best you can buy in its class, without doubt. I have used it in all situations and there are several things that stand out. Firstly, the wide angle lens which for indoor situations is incredibly useful. Most cameras, the Canon S60 excepted, are 35mm but the Olympus is 27mm, which makes such a difference although it doesn't look much on paper. The zoom is adequate for the purpose too. Secondly, the screenis fully articulatedso that it is protected when not in use, with the face against the camera back. In a few years time you will bless this feature. 5 megapixels is adequate I have found for A4 enlargments, and I have cropped and blown up with no problems. The viewfinder is optical, not electronic, which is better I find. The screen give a superb clear view, but beware that the viewfinder, like all such cameras including SLR's, crops the picture so the resultant picture is wider than previewed. I prefer to use the screen for this reason. I know some people have had a problem with the control knob but I have never suffered, and I hear that the problem has been resolved anyhow. Personally, with the price down to $500 now on Steve's site and perhaps less elsewhere, I wouldn't consider secondhand, but I would go ahead and buy the camera - you won't regret it. I have a Nikon D70, but for every day situations I find this more portable and just as good in most situations. The manual control works beautifully, and I tend to use mine in aperture priority mode most of the time which I find suits me best. The flash is adequate too.

If you read my other posts you will find that mine was stolen and I bought a Sony P150 to replace it as a truly portable camera. I regretted it instantly, tried the Canon S70 which has manual control, and, despite it's size, went and bought a 5060 again.

Once again I reiterate - you will not regret buying this camera.

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see the following first before buying olympus.


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Old Dec 14, 2004, 9:09 AM   #5
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Well, I read the complaints but on Amazon most reviews are favorable, and I concur with that view. I have taken countless photos with mine, and never a problem with the card (probably a card problem anyway) or any other. Even lent it to a friend for motor racing and while the zoom is inadequate for that purpose he at least got the shots by pre-focusing. Indoors it excels - i took many photos of a chateau here in france with the only problem being flash reflection on shiny surfaces, like paintings.

One thing I forgot to say was that the S60 is as good as the S70, should you go that route, and much cheaper. For your type of photography it isn't as if you plan to do enlargements to A3 size.
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