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I live close to NH and I have some store option, ritz camera, circuit city and compusa. Should I order online or buy retail? Im looking at the nikon d50 2 lens kit for $855 (at store) rebel xt ($900), or get the rebel online body only? Is it safe to buy from online stores, and wich ones do u recommend?
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I dont know if they have tax in your state but here in Cali, I would rather buy online then to buy at the store to save on taxes. Tax over here is about 8% and that can be as much as $70 on tax itself for those camera. Some place like ritzcamera.com has free shipping and tax free.

Buying online is safe if you do it right. Buy from a trusted site and you would have no problem, and if you do run into problem they will most likly help you solve it.


Those are the two most trusted site that I can think of. They may not have the lowest price but pretty good compaired to retail store and just as trusted.

These are all good sites good sites that I've heard about all with great price.

before you start spending your hard earn money on-online check with
http://www.resellerratings.com/ before you buy from other place. There are a lot of scams online.

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What about warranties when you buy a nikon camera from another country (import)
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There are some very reputable on-line retailers and some outright crooks. There are many crook tactics: bait-and-switch, take pieces out of original box and sell separately, only allow you to buy camera if you buy over-priced accesories - otherwise camera is suddenly out-of-stock, etc. etc.

Stick to the reputable places and you are OK. So, what are some reputable places?

B&H Photo is probably the highest regarded (bhphotovideo.com). They have an excellent reputation and prices better than other brick and mortar stores but not always the lowest internet prices.

Other places I've bought from and consider reputable:

buydig.com, butterflyphoto.com, digitalfotoclub.com, beachcamera.com (same company as buydig).

When in doubt, always look up a retailer at www.resellerratings.com. As always, if a price is too good to be true, it probably is.

Now, another note about buying online. Most places offer 'kits' - where they include accessories and maybe multiple lenses. Those are usually where they make their money off you. And in most cases, additional lenses offered in a 'kit' (with the exception of the manufacturer 'kit lenses') are often low quality glass. So, my advice is: if you are going to buy online - price accesories or additional lenses separately and possibly buy your accesories or additional lenses from another site.

One other word of caution - make sure you look at the return/exchange policies from each place. Any of the above sites will replace a defective product without a problem. But if you are the type of person who potentially returns products that are not defective but you just changed your mind - beware, many online retailers have restocking fees - sometimes pretty pricey.

All in all, I always recommend B&H first - you may pay slightly more but they have excellent customer service and good return policies. If you know exactly what you want and just want a good price, the other places I suggested may beat B&H prices.

As a pricing example - the black Rebel XT with kit lens is available at B&H for $843 with shipping. The same kit is available for $786 from butterfly. The deal from Butterfly is good as long as you don't buy all the extras. Now those prices are out-the door. Your $900 offer from the local store probably doesn't include sales tax - maybe 8% which brings your price to about $972 as opposed to $786 from butterfly. That's a pretty big price difference.

The Nikon D50 with kit lens sells at Butterfly for $577, at Buydig.com for $649 or B&H for $663. Now you mentioned a 2-lens kit for $855. Again, I caution about those types of kits - the other lens is usually low grade. But it's up to you. Always remember, any store makes their money on the 'extras' so invariably most 'kits' are designed to make them money not save you money. About the only exception I've seen is sometimes B&H will offer a 'kit' with a body, kit lens and a CF card of good quality (Lexar Pro or Sandisk Ultra II) - that's about the only type of 'kit' I'd buy.
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JohG - Good detailed response about good online sites. Some of these sites list that some of these cameras they selling are brand new but in open boxes for inspection. Is this ligit excuse to sell the open box camera as brand new? Are they selling returned product? Or they have taken out something to sell at extra price? What is your recommendation in this situation?
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I personally wouldn't buy an open box item from anywhere. But that's me.
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Some stuff I came accross,........ be afraid.........


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