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I am in the market for a small, large megapixel camera. I originally intended to purchase the Canon SD-10 but have heard that the Casio EX-Z40 and the Sony DSC-T1 are better overall cameras, price is not really an issue. I just want a great, smallcamera. I have tried to find out which one is better but have not found anyone who has compared them. If anyone has used them both, knows about them or has any input in either of the two or similar cameras please let me know. Any help is greatly appreaicted as I am torn on which one to buy.
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I don't like the extremely weak flash and lack of viewfinder on the T1. If you don't mind using the LCD as a viewfinder and understand you can't take a flash shot of a group of people then the T1 has some nice features like a big transreflective LCD, good movies and 5Mp.

You might want to wait for some reviews of the new Konica Minolta X50. It is 5.4Mp and slightly lighter than the T1. It has a viewfinder and hopefully has a decent flash. It also has a 2 inch LCD but I don't know if it is transreflective. Not as important with a viewfinder, but still nice for settings in bright sunlight.

I would personally prefer the Pentax S4i to the Casio. They both use the same Pentax lens and the S4i is a little more compact.
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I've looked VERY carefully at all the sub-compacts--

and I've posted a complete web page on the subject-- my recommendation is NEITHER the Sony or the Casio--- but rather a Minolta G400-- of lesser weight, nearly same size, but much better overall performance- at HALF the cost.

Please see http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/details.html

I've REALLY taken this question seriously-- I wanted the BEST subcompact camera, price no object. The results really surprised me- I think this is the best kept digital camera secret on the planet.

I am an educational non commercial site


Neil Slade


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Alas, just discovered that Minolta has released the G530-- exact same camera to the G400 in every way, with the exception of a 3X digital zoom (on top of the 3X optical) in addition to the 2X digital zoom, and a 5.4 megapixel CCD rather than the G400s 4.3

Don't know if this effects the image for the better or worse-- the G600 6 MP introduced a few focus problems over the G500 5 MP-- so this is to be seen.

Unlikely that the extra megapixel is wortht he extra $100 it is likely to cost over the G400. 4.3 MP is a lot for most everyone except die hard poster makers and chronic microscopic croppers, eh?
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