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cheeze_wizz Jan 15, 2009 7:07 AM

OK i have 1600 to spend with that i would like a good camrea with a few good lenes, and a somewhat good lighting and backdrop. i am going to be shooting mobels and weddings and i also like to shoot wildlife and outdoors. i would be looking for say 18-55 or so and somthing -300 and a long telezoom. this is what i had in mind feed back NEEDED please.

and of course i would need a good bag and the little things like a remote. please let me know what you think is there a better set up for around the same price.

Mark1616 Jan 15, 2009 7:46 AM

You have some pretty serious needs here so before getting into too much kit detail it is worth understanding your expectations first.

Weddings, is this for when you go to a friends wedding or are you looking at shooting as the main photographer? Very different kit is needed if you are going pro (firstly you need 2 of everything) to getting some shots of the days as a guest. Will you be in situations where flash can always be used or will there be times when you have to shoot with available light.

Portraits, similar question, is this for fun or paid? What size area are you planning to work in.

Wildlife, are you talking birds in trees, birds in flight, deer and other big animals etc?

Also, which of these areas are the most important for you to be able to do well and if needed which could wait as a lot of these things are pretty equipment intensive to get good results so going with the cheapest option will probably cost you more in the long run.

I'm really not trying to make things negative but I would much rather you got the kit that will meet your expectations rather than you spend a large amount of money to find it was in vein.

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