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I was wondering if someone here could give me some advice and answer a few questions since you all seem far more knowledgeable than either my husband or I.

We have a Canon Powershot A80, we have had it for years and it's served us well.

We're looking to buy a new camera and one of the things we really want is a better zoom. The 3x on our A80 doesn't quite cut it any more. Also, although we have a camcorder for the proper video clips we want, we do like to be able to record short movie clips (20 or so seconds) of the kids when they are doing something cute when we are out and about with just the digital camera.

I have been looking at the Canon Powershot A700, but I am not sure how much of an improvement a 6x zoom is over a 3x one? And also I read a few reviews that suggested the movie function on this camera wasn't so good -something about it recording as moving jpegs or something. It's possible that is how my A80- records as well, it's which case it's been fine but I am not sure.

We have also been looking at the Canon S2 and S3. I can't work out what the improvement is between the two and why the S3 is more expensive, obviously if it's a much better camera and worth it then fine, but I'm wondering if the S2 would be adequate for us? The only thing that holds me back on these slightly is the flash - about popping it up yourself, I can see me forgetting to do that or something but I guess once you get used to it it's not an issue. Does anyone know how good the movie mode is?

Basically we take family snap shots, the kids in sports activities, some animal and architecture shots. I'd say we take an equal number of pictures indoor and outdoors. The big thing for us really is a better zoom, when my son is on the opposite side of the football pitch I want to be able to pick him out clearly.

Which of these cameras would be best for us? Or if there is something else that would better suit our needs I am open to suggestion.

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The so called improvementss that the Canon S-3 offer over the S-2, are in my opinion, minimal. Thus the S-2 might be a better choice for you to avoid some sticker shock. The S-2 is an excellent camera, offering a great video clip mode, IS, and a nice 12Xoptical zoom capability. I do a lot of close-ups and my S-2 is excellent with close-ups shots as well.

To me, the progression from your Canon A-80 to the Canon S-2 IS is a very logical one. Just keep in mind that neither the A-80 nor the S-2 IS are good with night and no flash shots.

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