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supraman Dec 26, 2005 1:59 AM

Hello all,

I've frequented Steve's on many occasions, usually to help a friend out when they ask me, "What's the best digital camera out now for $? amount of money." They ask because, I am thier computer buddy. You know, the guy EVERYONE asks for any electrical need.

Electronics is a definite hobby of mine, but I just can't seem to squeeze in digital cams or camcorders. I am up to snuff on audio, video, video games, computers, new materials, general cool science stuff, but I just don't have the drive to go full blown into cameras at this point in time.

That's my story for why I need your help. I have a Canon S40. It's probably around 3 years old now, I don't recall exactly when I purchased it. But I haven't found a new camera that fits my needs with the current line-up. I like the Canon S2 IS, but I think I am waiting for it's big brother. Basically I want the Canon S2IS, except at a min of 8MP, preferably 11MP. And a video resolution capture at 1280x720x29.97fps.

Storage capacity aside, when does it look like this guy may come out. Is there a reliable generation upgrade timeline for digicams ala Video cards. Every 6 months, every year?

Thanks for reading,


E.T Dec 26, 2005 3:00 AM

supraman wrote:

I want the Canon S2 IS, except at a min of 8MP, preferably 11MP.
And really really much noise, there ain't any way to put that much megapixels to those ultra small sensors of ultrazooms.
And unless you'll need big prints even 5MP is more than enough, unlike BS departments would want people to think.
Just remember there's big bunch of DSLRs with about 6 MP sensors.


And a video resolution capture at 1280x720x29.97fps.
You're betting wrong horse, do you really think that videocamera maker like Canon would just put video mode like that to ordinary digicam?
They don't even have real prosumer camera model because they don't want to compete with their cash cow, dSLRs.
And majority of digicam makers make also videocams.

Other bigger problem would be space requirements, that resolution video would eat 100MBs as appetizer and require very high writing speed.

And yep, new digicam models start coming out in couple months.

supraman Dec 26, 2005 2:44 PM

Thank you for the reply,

I know the Canon uses a CCD, But I remember reading an article a LONG time ago that CMOS is actually a better technology, but is just VERY expensive to produce a chip that goes upto 5MP+ while giving less space for light capture. If I remember correctly, andif I am not please correct me, CMOShas, most of the time,noise-correction built in so that would negate the noise issue.

I do lean towards Canon, however I am not a die-hard fan. If their moneyis in DSLRs, I am just pondering when a different company may come out with a 720pres that also takes fantastic still images.

I wouldn't mind having two different media types, like DVD+/-r for Movie capture and SDor CF for still images.

I am basically looking for a small form-factor 720p video capture, 8MP+CMOS camera around the same size as the Canon S2 IS. I don't mind 4 mins worth of 720p video per disc, for cut and editing purposes I would actually prefer it.

I am not in a rush to buy a digicam. I've had thisCanon S40 for quite some time now. While the CanonS2 IS, does have ALOT of goodvideoqualities,it's 5MP image sensor does notwarrant the upgrade.4MP to5MPis not a big enough jump in image quality.

Thanks for the reply

lucky2505 Dec 26, 2005 10:09 PM

"4MP to 5MP is not a big enough jump in image quality."

Image quality is NOT dependent on megapixels.

supraman Dec 26, 2005 10:18 PM


I did read that somewhere, the MP alone isn'ta true indication of PQ. So what else should I look for in a camera, Lens? What are ALL the attributes that = great PQ?

I almost bought the canon S2 IS. Are there any accessories that I should buy that would make the S2 really nice that doesn't come with the stock?

Or better yet, is the upgrade from a Canon S40 > Canon S2 IS worth the money. I know the VQ is there, I have seen some vids taken with the S2 and it really is awesome, but is PQ that much better than my S40? I've seen pics taken with the S2 and compared them with my S40 and noticed a difference, but still nothing that makes me want to throw down a whole bunch of money.

I will also have to buy new media, as my S40 only takes CF cards. Do I also have to buy a battery pack!?!? Or do I only have the AA option in stock?

Is the upgrade worth $500+?

Thank you for all your help!

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