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Looking for a dSLR camera in the $300-$400 price range.

I recently sold all my paintball gear thinking to either buy new gear and continue to play or buy a dSLR camera and start my photography and photoshop hobby.

I generally like to tackle hobbies that I have alot of interest in with a mid-range buy and alot of hard-work, therefore I cant affod to buy a $600 camera and a $100 lens....so these are what Im looking at and I was wondering if someone could tell me the differences.

Im looking for all the generic photography stuff with high MP and good speed.
I will be photographing paintball which is an extremly FAST paced sport and dont want any lag between be hitting the button and the picture being captured. I also want to photograph other stuff as well but this is my biggest intrest. So someone please explain these cameras and give me a reccomendation.

First what is the big difference between the Canon S3 seen here
and the Canon S2?

Second can the canon S3 capture video and how is the quality? (I would only be interested in short burst, 1-10 seconds, of film.

Third does the canon S2 and S3 offer a RAPID fire sequence of pictures?

Forth how does the Sony H2 compare to the Canon S3? I hate sony but gotta know.

Fifth does Nikon offer a S3 competitor and if so what is it?

Sixth which image stabilization is the best between the Canon, Sony, And Nikon?

And finally, PLEASE give me a reccomendation. I know that alot is how you use it and what you like but I would really appreciate seeing someones recommendation.


OH BTW Im looking to do work like this, seen at the website below. Miguel Cruz is an excellent photographer.


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$300 to $400 will not get you a DSLR, but with your interest in the superzoom, you can find something you like.

The S3IS has a better autofocusing system and higher MP(doesnts matter much). The S3IS can shoot very rapid burst mode shots and has the highest movie mode in P&S cameras right now.

The H2 is a fine camera, but lacks the rapid shooting ability. The Sony memory is slower than the SD cards and more expensive. Also, Sony has found, for a second time in over a year, defects in many of their cameras.

The S3IS is not the answer to all your wants....I don't know any camera that is, but you would probably be very happy with it.
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