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I am looking to find a camera for our 15 year old son, possibly as a Christmas and 16 year old birthday present, that he can use for both photography and astrophotography. He is very talented with a camera. He currently has the Canon S1 IS, and mastered it a long time ago, and loves it, but he cannot do much in the way of astrophotography with it. The Canon S1 IS only lets you keep the shutter open for a max. of approx. 30 seconds, and the more open shutter time, the better in astrophotography, as I understand it. He has gotten a couple of cool moon shots, and would like to do more, without needing a new telescope, and CCD camera, and all that entails, not to mention the cost! And he really likes his telescope, it is just that it is not best suited for astrophotography.

In light of this, and knowing that he is wanting a more complex camera to use and grow with (and we are not rich by any means!) what would you recommend?

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Short of going to a dslr the two that stand out to me are first the Olympus SP 570 which is a great camera and if you check out the olympus talk forum you can see it's results. The second is the Pany FZ 18 which seems to get good reports although I'm an oly fan I've seen some great pics taken with it. I have the Olympus SP 560 and it does very well, I'll post my first attempt at a moon shot without the use of a telescope and a regular picture. What you gain is more zoom, more mgpixels. Short of that the next step is dslr territory.
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Here's a regular shot from the 560
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Astrophotography is kind of the expensive end of the amateure astronomy hobby. What kind of telescope does your son have? Below is a picture of M24 my friend Robert Reeves took at the Texas Star Party this year with a 60mm f/6 refractor and a Canon Digital Rebel XTi also known as Canon 400D. He has written several books on Astrophotography and has a website, http://www.robertreeves.com/you should check it out, and contact him for advice. Tell him I sent ya! There are also many forums dedicated to this subject, too many to list here, but I'll include links to a couple of the more active ones you might want to check out as well.





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