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I have been gradually moving up in digital camera quality and am ready to take the next step. I have been currently shooting with a Nikon Coolpix 5400 and am SO ready to move on. The majority of my photos are macro shots of flowers and some pet photography and then I go hiking and do landscape/nature photography as well, lots of cloud photos, etc. I have never really seen any info out there on which digital cameras are best for macro and close up photography and I know this has everything to do with the lens, so any suggestions? I have been eyeballing the Nikon D-200 but have been reading where people suggest buying the Nikon D-50 and use the money saved to buy excellent lenses...is this the best way to go? Please help...I am just a serious amateur and don't take sports or a lot of moving photos but Excellent clarity and detail and color is a must for me.

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With the price of low cost dSLR cameras falling at an astonishing rate, you might have more potential for long term learning and increased photographic expertise, by examining those.

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ashlic wrote:
Excellent clarity and detail and color is a must for me.
You mean overprocessed "Disneyland" photos which many compacts do at their default settings...

Definitely DSLRs would enable biggest versatility and they shine in high ISOs and autofocus speed but they have their own minuses. Like changing lenses, you would need at least couple lenses to cover good zoom range, macrophotography would need own lens and many lenses means more weight to drag (and in hiking there's always more than enough weight to drag along), also they completely lack video mode...pets could give some funny videos.

On the other hand non SLR digicams lack in high ISOs, ultimate versatility and autofocus speed but they can give quite much versatility in one smaller, lighter and very convenient package, including good macro capability, also taking video clips is possible and you'll know what exposure looks before taking picture. (DSLRs have "post-preview")

So both directions are compromises having own bad sides, it's just finding that best compromise.

Here's something you might want to read:

Your photographing sounds quite much like what I do.
Well, propably I do lot less macro and pet photography... not so much pets here when neighbours aren't close. (closest neighbour 300 meter/~1000 feets away). Also I do some low light cloud/nature photography.

Of course high ISO capability and ability to have versatile lenses sounds appealing. But when I consider what my current camera gives, very useful zoom range (28-200mm) with fast and sharp optics, video clips, manual controls as good as it can go unless someone invents camera which can read thoughts (actually some low end DSLRs have worse manual controls) and all this in very convenient and effective to use package so changing to DSLR would take away considerable amount of that "fun".
Also I wouldn't have gotten any material from summer's best (and one of the strongest I've experienced) thunderstorm without ability to take videos, feeling of downpour and strong gust of downburst is just impossible to put into still photo and plain rain photo doesn't look much anything. (sure stormchaser target to not being under the cloud but that cloud surprised me when I was doing work)

Guess what time of "day".

Noctilucent clouds. (this is what it looked with eyes at time of previous photo)

Nice sunset.

Not so slow target.

Solar rays/cloud's shadow
Remnant of Cumulonimbus Incus in light of sun under the horizon
Some setting suns 1, 2
Cubic rocks
Some frozen trees 1, 2
Frozen vegetation
Small lake
Butterfly on snow

Used camera is aforementioned KonicaMinolta A2 in those pics with preview and Minolta 7i in those with text link.
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