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I am looking for a camera to purchase for an elderly person who has never had a digital camera before. There are a few things I would like to have on the camera to make it easy for them to use. They would be:

1. Easy to use. Basically a point and shoot. No difficult menus to go through to perhaps go from scenic shots to people shots.

2. A larger screen and larger buttons. Arthritis has taken its toll and tiny buttons just won't make the camera easy to use.

3. I like the cameras with the grip on one side but they all seem to use AA batteries. I would like a camera with a grip if possible but I would also like to get one that uses Lithium Ion batteries.

4. I am looking for about a 7 Mp camera. Memory style doesn't matter but larger styles would be better just for them to get it out of the camera. They plan to have a photo store print out any shots they may want to print.

Any input is appreciated. Thank you,


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We recently got a camera for an elderly person. It has a shake reduction feature..good for many older people who have some motor control difficulties. The Fuji and Nikon line are something you may want to check out.

I believe we got a Fuji 480 , something like that. If I recall it has 7 or so mega pixels. There was a Nikon point and shoot with similar features.

I would go down to a good camera shop which can show you a variety of cameras. We looked for anti-shake (elderly person has tremors), big screen, ease of operations and a camera that could be set on automatic...so the person would not have to worry about manual settings.
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If you want a fairly large-size compact camera with a good grip, your choices are limited to 4 Canon cameras, the A560, A570, A720 and SX100, and one Nikon, the P50. All use AA batteries. The A570, A720 and SX100 have optical image stabilization, which is really important if the user has shakey hands.

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Hello, Lesmore & Andy,

Thank you for your replies. I think a trip to a good camera store is in order.

If I were to rate the number one thing on my list it would be the Lithium Ions batteries. Battery life is important. AA and NiMh rechargeables just don't last. I've had experience with this on an old digital I had.

Thanks again,


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I beg to differ on the battery issue. I recently looked at long zoom compacts (which is probably not what you are looking for) and found that AA's are rated for more pictures.

Canon S5:
450 shots (4x AA-size NiMH Battery)

Panasonic FZ5:
380 pictures (CIPA Standard)*1 / 380 pictures (with EVF)
lithium ion.

I cant tell you what to get, but I can tell you that the S5's buttons are very small and difficult to press.
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I think some of the newer digicams drain AA batteries much more slowly than the old ones. I have gotten more than 250 shots from a single set of 4 rechargeable AA batteries with my Olympus SP-560 and I was using the zoom (maximum 18X optical)a lot. According to Jeff Keller at dcresource, the Canon A720 IS gets 400 shots from a set of 4 rechargeable 2500 Ah AA batteries as does the A570 IS. The A560 supposedly gets 500 shots. I wouldn't dismiss a digicam nowadays because it used AA batteries.
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If a grip and long battery life are important, check out the Fuji S700...500 pictures per charge with (4) 2500 mAh NiMH batteries. Nice grip, 7.1 MP, 2.5" high resolution LCD (230k pixels), nice big buttons, lots of scene modes, powerful flash.


There's a rather large thread on the Fuji forum with lots of pics - some good, some...well, maybe with a little more practice...


the Hun

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Thanks, Rinnie, I second that recommendation, whole heartedly!!

The Fuji S-700 is an amazing camera that offers 10X optical zoom and sells for LESS than $200.00. It really is a rather amazing camera that really puts out great photos. It really deserves your undivided attention.

Rarely, do we see a bargain priced camera, that is so very good. Take a look at the Fuji S-700, then decide for yourself.

Sarah Joyce
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