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With the upcoming holiday season in my sights, I realized that my mother (now also a grandmother to three active boys, 1, 3 and 5 years old) is in need of a great digital camera. The look on her face when I tried to get her to use my Nikon D100 told me all I needed to know: the feature set for a great "GrandmaCam" is not to be found in dSLR.

I generally follow the prosumer and SLR digital markets, and hoped that the resources here could help me on my search in the large and fast-changing consumer digital photo market. I don't need the camera until the 1st of December (her b-day, conveniently located before Christmas holidays!), so I hope to get the latest bright star in this field.

The features that struck me as being important in a GrandmaCam are:
  1. Easy to Use: my Mom isn't a dummy and uses a computer, but is definitely not a techie. So, it needs to be easy to turn on, not have too many control buttons and wheels, and not require much (or anything?)in the way of settings to use the "point-and-shoot" mode [/*]
  2. Strong Full Automatic Performance: this is closely related to (1) above; most of the time, this GrandmaCam will be used in point-and-shoot situations, so getting good pictures in the most common picture situations (pix of kids indoors with flash, outdoors on trips and such) in hugely important. I'm not worried about getting great vistas and landscape shots, or even portraits. [/*]
  3. Good Flash: I expect that the most common use will be indoors for holidays and special days (birthdays and the like). So, strong flash performance is important. Red eye reduction is good but doesn't have to be leading edge. [/*]
  4. Easy to Carry: definitely a big plus to be compact, easy to fit in pocket or purse, etc. [/*]
  5. Large 'n' Lively LCD: Grandma's eyes aren't what they used to be, so an LCD that's larger than average, bright indoors and easy to view outdoors is a huge plus for real-world satisfaction.[/*]
Other pluses would be fast auto-focus and shutter release times (hey, grandkids move quickly!); secondary concerns are resolution,battery life, color/image fidelityand price. High res is fine, and I don't want to spend $$ for no good reason, but am happy to pay if I can find the right product.

Many thanks for any help you can give me here- this is a large, complicated and fast-changing market!



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KodakĀ“s Easy Share are the most easy to use digicams... In my opinion at least.
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