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BKG73 Nov 30, 2005 1:57 PM

I would like to purchase a camera for my parents for Christmas this year. The camera is mainly going to be used for pictures of my children as well as vacations.

I am looking for a user friendly camera, with 4 MP.

I have been looking at the following:

Nikon CoolPix 4600
Sony DSC S60

I have heard Cannon and Kodak make good cameras however my Mother does not like where the zoom button is on the Cannon and the LCD screen is too small for the Kodak.

The main issue I have with the Nikon is that it takes 10 seconds for the flash to be ready. That seems like a very long time. I am unable so far to see any information regarding how long the Sony flash takes.

I would appreciate it if someone can suggest what camera I should get for my parents.

Thank you,


airshowfan Dec 4, 2005 10:12 AM

I think Casios are the easiest digital cameras to use, with friendly menus and informative scene modes and a simple interface. When my not-tech-savvy mom wanted a new digital camera, I got her a Casio, as is recommended at

If you want something with more zoom, I have had and used a variety of Fujis that all took great pictures in automatic point-and-shoot mode, like the Fuji S3000/S3100 and Fuji S5100/S5200. They're kinda bulky (which some older people actually prefer over tiny cameras) but take great pictures and are dead-easy to use. The Fuji E510 is also really nice, and the Fuji F10 takes GREAT pictures.

I would also recommend the Canon A520/A610, but if your parents don't like the zoom configuration, then I'd recommend you check out the Fujis and Casios.

I hope that helps. More info at

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