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I am always disappointed with the night shots on my current Camera - a Canon S100 Elph - its an old camera so I am thinking to replace it with something newer. I see alot of new cameras also fail at night. (only keep shutter open for 2seconds max and grainy night shot)

I often take night shots of objects far away, ie: city skylines or bridges. Since the shots are in the distance a lot zoom is also helpful.

Is there a camera out there that really stands out in this ablity? (Night and Zoom)

I am looking for something relatively small. (I assume zoom and small dont necessarly go together well)
Any suggestions?

Looking for something in the $300 range. 4MP+, good battery life a must

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I suggest the Fuji FinePix S5200. You can get it for well under $300 at many stores and online retailers. It's not a small as you would like probably, but smaller superzoom cameras, notably the Panasonics, don't do well in lowlight. For optimum nighttime pictures of bridges, it's probably best to use a tripod.

You can get Fuji's S9000 or the newer S9100 (9 megapixels) or its S6000fd (6 megapixels, too), but at the top end of the zoom range, their largest maximum apertures aren't as big, so you need to use higher ISO's to get fast enough shutter speeds for handheld shots. These cost between $400 and $550.
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Look at the Fuji F20 or F30. It has the compact form you're looking for and it produces good pics at high ISOs
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Old Oct 17, 2006, 10:19 PM   #4
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You need a tripod to take clear night pictures. The exposure times for night shots are far too long to hand-hold the camera without motion blur.
If you dont have one look to put your camera on a wall or a table or something similar and take the shot using the timer. You can use the lowest (best!) iso and any zoom you like as long as the camera is completely steady.
I don't know about your current camera - if the shutter speed won't go longer than 2 seconds then you probably can't take decent night shots with it. No more recent camera should suffer from this though.
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Old Oct 18, 2006, 7:16 AM   #5
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jacks is right - for skyline types of shots high ISO is not necessary and it's counter-productive. Camera support and the ability to take long shutter pictures is what is needed. In the end you'll get infinintely better results than using higher ISOs and trying to hand-hold

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I have to tell you my kodak c875 does better job then my sonyh2 nite shots and indoor shots, its 8 mp and very good of price.

i recommed it.
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Old Oct 19, 2006, 7:30 AM   #7
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Just remember that if you want a pocketable camera that the superzoom cameras will not fit in your pocket.
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You should look at the panasonic TZ1 !!

Its compact and have a good zoom with manual features for night shots :-)

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