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KristyT May 1, 2009 12:30 PM

Hi everyone. I'm hoping to get some opinions from more experienced photographers, and those who know the technical side of cameras better than I! With all the things I've been looking at, I feel like I'm going bonkers! :?

I am looking to replace a 4-5 year old Fuji FinePix A345, a small camera that actually served me pretty well. But I'm ready to upgrade to something with more megapixels, better overall quality, and something that offers some advanced features to learn my way into. I am not ready for a DSLR (due in great part to budget) but I am interested in an advanced point and shoot, "DSLR-like" as I have heard them called. I shoot a lot of macro, but don't want that to be the only waythe camera works well as I'd like to explore all aspects of photography. Image quality and being able to get larger than 8x10 prints is important.

I think I have narrowed things down to a few: Canon SX110is, Canon SX10is, Sony H-50, or Panasonic SZ28. I am trying to keep my budget under $350-$375. Anyone have any thoughts on these, or other suggestions for me to look at? Thanks so muchfor any advice! :-)

slipe May 1, 2009 4:50 PM

You might read through this thread:;forum_id=87

The SX110 is a lot smaller and lighter and can fit in a medium sized purse. It isn't in the same class as the others for zoom and overall capabilities. The FZ28 is smaller and lighter than the SX10 but you aren't going to fit it in your purse.

If you think you might get an external flash unit the SX10 is the only one with a hot shoe. And I like the flip-out LCD on the SX10. Other than that I would prefer the FZ28 for the raw capability, better movies and smaller size.

The purple fringing and lens distortion on the H50 would put me off.

KristyT May 1, 2009 6:18 PM

Thanks for the opinions! I had gotten that impression about the SX110is, but had heardgood things about it in terms of the class it was in.I am okay with a larger camera- I hope to move up to a DSLR sometime down the road, and they seem to be on the bigger side. Thanks for the link- I'll check it out! Any thoughts on the Nikon P90? I went to a shop to get a feel forsome options, and the guy there mentioned the P90. I'm going to do a little research on that, butany thoughts or experience with that one?Thanks again!

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