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DAS44 Dec 25, 2005 11:37 PM

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I've been taking insect close-ups for more years than I care to admit. Used Nikon film SLR's for about forty years, but have since gone digital. The camera I'm madly in love with right now is the FZ-30 Panasonic. Great quality pictures and extremely versitile. It is very well suited for close-ups. I took the attached picture yesterday morning with the FZ-30, 55-52 step down ring and Nikon T3 and T4 close-up lenses. The subject (Still trying to identify it. Not an Antlion) is slightly less than 1/2 inch long. The image is full frame, no cropping. The original is much sharper at 8MP. Hope I've helped with your hunt. P.S. Owlfly larva if anyone is curious. Another advantage I forgot to mention is that a rig like mine will allow you to take pictures of insects without having to shove the camera in the subjects face. This picture was taken about 10 inches away from the subject with the zoom set to 420mm. Zooming the lens in and out allows you to vary the subject magnification without moving the camera.

pseudocreobroter Jan 3, 2006 12:19 PM

Ok, Ive been somewhat busy with christmas in all, but ive worked out that my budget is at maximum £350. To all the people that have helped me so far thankyou very much, but you have to remember that when it comes to digital photography im a complete amature (hell - with any type of photography, turth be told!) So if possible can i have an explantion for what a step down ring is?

mnosbor Jan 4, 2006 10:01 AM

A step down ring adapts the diamater of the threads on the camera to a filter size that is more readily available or preferred.

If you go over to the panasonicdigital topics youwill find a bunch of macros from this guy;forum_id=23

Look through the other topics or click on his profile to see more macros.

He has either a FZ20 or FZ30 I think its a 20. I have a FZ20 but havent tried any macros yet and havent bought any macro lenses yet you can get them without but easier to get with addons that let you be farther away. One of the reasons I got the 20 is that I can do great macros when the time comes.

As far as price I dont know how your $ converts to dollars but the FZ20 can be had for less than $400 the FZ30 just less than $600.

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