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My father decided he wants a digital camera. His main hobbies are mountain biking and kayaking. The kayaking he does is not whitewater. He is mostly on lakes and large rivers. While no one plans to be submerging it, it does need to survive a potentialy damp enviroment.

I havea Olyimpus Stylus 3.2 mexapixel that I've been very happy with and would like something comparable. I could possible hand him down this one and upgrade myself a little.

It need not be more then 4 megapixel.
It needs to be very simple to use.

Prefered price range is under$300
I would like it to have a physical viewfinder.
Larger type models are prefered, he is more familar holding 35mm size camera's

For reviews covering on this site the only mentioned were Olympus stylus's and a Pentax optio.

As i've mentioned I do like the stylus I own. I don't know much about the pentax it seems kinda neat that it can be used underwater.

Are there any camera's that fit the requirements I should take a look at?

Is there a noticable difference between cameras that have an internal type design for the optical zoom and the more traditional moving lense designs?

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boyt...since i hail from Southern Cal and like to fish & kayak (preferrably both at the same time, lol) and have access to two nice bays to fish from...the 1st thing that's needed regardless of the camera is a dry bag that he can put the camera and/or a cell phone or vhf radio in...next, and i just did this 2 weeks ago, go to B&H website and go into the USED category and open up digital cameras...they not only sell good used gear, but also sell items coded with an N, which are new...they are cameras made by all the big manufacturers that are discontinued...i picked up a Nikon 3200 (3mp) new in box with all the original documents, cables, etc for $119...IMHO a digital camera used in a watercraft of any kind is just like 'terminal tackle', you expect a certain amount of use out of it and then it gets replaced...so considering a saltwater environment, i can aford to replace it every year and have a brand new one...

the stock B&H has varies and i only wanted to spend roughly $100, but they have new models ranging into the upper $100 range...check em out & give it some thought, at that price for brand new, it's almost like buying a couple of waterproof disposable cameras...

ps; i took a couple of trial pix with the camera and emailed them to a relative who knows i have several dSLR's and said 'Uncle, those cameras of yours take really good photos'...lol, my niece still doesn't know i used a $119 camera to snap some pix of her GrandMother...LOL...

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Take a look near the bottom of
for reviews of all weather cameras.
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