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n005 Sep 10, 2006 3:18 AM

Hi all

as my previous camera didn't work out(;forum_id=87) I'm back to searching for a camera.

All I want is good picture quality and manual controls. Currently I'm looking at the canon A530 but my problem is I'm not very satisfied with the images, and I feel that the Canon tends to loose subtle detail, e.g. grass ends up a dull green patch with no detail..

sadly I'm limited by budget and can buy from only 2 sites (Amazon and newegg) so please if you have any suggestions tell me


gadgetnut Sep 10, 2006 7:37 AM

You didn't mention if you wanted compact or super-zoom. If you're ok with the added size of a super-zoom, check eBay for a Minolta Dimage Z3. A good friend of mine was impressed with my Z1 so he started looking for one. The Z1 has been discontinued for too long, but he was able to find a Z3 refurb on eBay for $150. It arrived in perfect condition w/warranty and he LOVES it.

kenbalbari Sep 10, 2006 12:28 PM

I searched the database at dcresource for recent models with manual controls under $200:

Only 4 models came up, two of them Samsungs with poor reviews.

If you want to look at slightly older models to compare to the Canon, the Fuji E550 still looks like a good choice, as well as the Minolta Dimage models, and you might find a Sony DSC-W5 or W1 as a refurbushed camera. Also maybe check out the Kodak Easyshare Z-700 and Z-730.

A bit over your budget, you can find a Fuji S5200 super zoom for around $235 shipped new. Otherwise, I think you would need to look at models more in the $300 range, such as the Fuji F30 or Sony DSC-W100, or one of the super zooms with IS, like the Kodak P850, Lumix FZ7, Canon S3, or Sony H2 . If you get a model that takes AA batteries, you also will want a recharger and good quality AA NIMH rechargables for best results.

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