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madhavan Sep 17, 2006 10:32 PM

[size=I am looking for a good digi superzoom to buy.The features I need are as follows][/size]
[size= ][/size]A camera with 6 to 8 mp
[size= ][/size]IS or VR
[size= ][/size]Optical zoom 10x or 12x
[size= ][/size]Swivel LCD and optical VF
[size= ][/size]Manual pop up flash and Hot shoe
[size= ][/size]Remote release(with or without wire)
[size= ][/size]DoF Preview
With this in my mind, I searched the web for the past three months, and finaly desided on a 2004 model Nikon 8800. Now I come to know that the model has been discontinued.
[size= ][/size]I therefore request you to suggest me a camera, of any make with the above features.
[size= ][/size]Thank you
[size= ][/size]Madhavan
[size=Dated: 17-9-06][/size]
[size= ][/size]
[size= ][/size]

kenbalbari Sep 18, 2006 1:49 AM

Try the Panasonic FZ30:

I know it has the 12x zoom, hot shoe & flip screen, and Panasonic has been the leader in IS being on all their models. Not sure about remote shutter, and it has an electronic rather than an optical viewfinder.

The Fuji S9000 has a 10.7X zoom, hot shoe & flip screen, and shutter threaded for standard cable release, but an electronic viewfinder (rather than optical), and no IS. They do have an anti-shake mode which will use higher ISOs; but while high ISO image quality is OK on this model, it's not near enough for anti-shake mode to be equal to optical IS. (On the F30 and S6000 that might be another story.)

You also might look at a DSLR rahter than a superzoom. But I'm not sure if you'll find a tilt screen on one.

madhavan Sep 18, 2006 2:33 AM

Thank you kenbalbary for your fast reply. I read, in internet that the model naslot of noise and also costly. Iwas actualy togling between canonS3IS and Panasonic fz7, both do not have hot shoe. Anyway thank you and I'll give a second look at fz30


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