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Hello all,

I'm looking for a camera to use on mountain biking trips, and in the field for geology.

In the past I have used the sony DSC-p100 and dsc-p200 for that use. I love the size, as it easily fits into a cellular phone pouch on my backpack, and it takes good images, and is very fast from start up to taking a picture, but neither have held up well at all.

I'd say the biggest issue is that they both became filled with dust. In fact I even took apart the p200 twice and cleaned it so the sensor was dust free, but in another week it was cluttered with dust again to the point where the images are pretty well useless. Another issue of course is they tend to see rough use which killed my p100.

So I was thinking about the olympus 720/770 WP series that are waterproof and shockproof (both myths I know). I've read in reviews the image quality is not that great compared to some other cameras, but at the same time I would be willing to give up some image quality if I didn't have to replace the camera every 6 months cause it was trashed.

My other consern I guess is I know something can be waterproof but not dustproof so I guess I'd be interested in cameras that others have used in the field that seemed to fair well. Maybe the sony P cameras were just really prone to dust, as I've had a sony h1 and older olympus that have seen a lot of use and don't seem to have major dust issues.

Thanks in advance


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