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Ok its been a while since ive last logged in here and I was wondering what camera I should look at getting for my wife. Shes pretty good with technology so she could use something simple or something advanced. Personally I have a Sony F828 and also a Nikon D70.

Heres what she wants. Something small that could slip in her pocket book. Something that takes AA batteries so that she can exchange them out (not a MUST though). In a perfect world we could find something small that takes both AA and seperate batteries but I doubt they have that. Something that can zoom. She will mainly be using it for a "on the fly" if I'm not carrying around my cameras. Something she can whip out and take a great pic of the kiddos!

Basically the best camera money can buy for under $250 thats small and duarable.

Again its been a long time since Ive been on this forum and I used to be a regular on here all the time, but life and work got busy. I will start coming back again


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Canon A1000is or A1100is. Neat little cameras with very good picture quality that run on AA batteries and have viewfinders.
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We just got done with the Canon SD780 IS, which sounds like it would work out perfect for her, as long as she can live with the Li-ion power source.

It's also slightly more than $250 ($279 or less), but this is a brand new model, so as time goes on, the price should come down.

The cameras Andy mentioned will also do well, but they will take up more room in her purse. If she carries a large purse, then no worries. If a smaller one, it might be a bit tight. The SD780 on the other hand could almost get lost in a large handbag :lol:

If you can get her to consider the Li-ion battery packs, Sony has plenty of W series models that will also suit her needs/wants, and are still under or at the $250 mark. If you want even more portability, and have a little extra $, the T-series are great as well.

Good luck!!
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Old Mar 28, 2009, 3:26 PM   #4
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If you can sidestep the AA requirement, then the Sony W170 is a quick camera with some practical features. Getting hard to find though. The replacement model for '09 lacks a viewfinder!

Kelly Cook
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Old Mar 30, 2009, 8:43 PM   #5
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thanks for all the response. I think were leaning towards the PowerShot SD780 right now, looks like a really nice camera.

Every camera we have ever owned has been Sony though, and were sort of sony lovers. So it might be hard to break that trend lol

Again tough thanks for all the help!
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ekimes wrote:
....something small that takes both AA and seperate batteries...
The 'small' and 'AA batteries' are mutually exclusive of course, just from the size of the batteries. My own pocket camera from Sep 2005 (Casio EX-Z750) is virtually the same size as the Rollei XS-10 I bought for my daughter this Christmas, and it's the Li-ion battery a few mm thick that allows that, and its the optics and the screen that dictate the overall size.

When battery technology advances to the point of forming the camera body from a polymer battery, it'll make them lighter, but the need to hold it still, plus the size of a zoom lens might well leave little cameras much the same size.

If we dispensed with the screen, and used an electronic viewfinder, pocket cameras could get smaller, and shaped like a pocket monocular.
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