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Default A Camera for Night Shots and Paranormal Research

I have been asked by a good friend who is interested in Paranormal Research, about suggesting a camera for night photos . The budget ranges from $250 to $450.

Now not being into Paranormal research, myself, I am going to have to ask some basic questions about the desired subject. This surely does not seem to be a case of taking nice photos of the twinkling city lights.

(1) Will these photos be taken in complete darkness?

(2) Is maintaining complete darkness an important factor? I ask that, as a lot of cameras have some sort of illumination built into them to help the camera focus on the subject.

(3) How far will the subject be from the camera?

(4) Is the plan to illuminate the subject somehow, perhaps using flash or a strong hand held search light? Please keep in mind that most P+S cameras have built-in flash units that are only designed to satisfactorily illuminate a subject (allowing enough light for a creditable photo) at a maximum distance of about 14 feet.

(5) Are you looking to be at a distance from the subject greater than about 14 feet? If that is the case, then an external and more powerful flash must be added to the camera, and the camera must be equipped with a hot shoe.

(6) Help me out here, please? As I must get a better "mental picture" of the photo environment that you want to work in for your research.

I sincerely hope that my researcher friend who requested this information will chime in with the needed additional information. As you can see this is an unusual request, but then unusual requests can be fun too.

Sarah Joyce
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