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rahlquist Sep 15, 2014 8:40 AM

Camera for product shots with some regular life, wifi a plus

My wife has decided it may be time for her to buy a new camera for her home embroidery business. Buying cameras for her in the past has involved me picking at least 1 crummy camera for every good one. I would like to break that streak. Currently she uses a Nikon Coolpix L120. It has been a good device for her so far but my wife likes to have the latest and greatest. (yes a gadget hound wife, she is a keeper)

We have used Eye-Fi cards for years and while I haven't see any competitors even come close to the ease of use I am open to being shown I am wrong on that count, or being shown a camera with native Wifi talent. For those not familiar with how easy it can make it, she takes a picture (or several) sets the camera down turned on and within a minute they are all in a folder on her computer so she can post them. No user intervention required.

Prior to the Nikon, we had a Cannon point and shoot mega zoom that was a pile of ...... So she is a bit soured on that brand. Prior to that was a Kodak Z712IS. She likes to have mega zooms, but more important are the close up shots she takes for her work now, here is a set of random samples I picked this should give an idea of 98% of what the camera would be used for. Other than that the occasional picture around the house.

I am open to any suggestion but would like to try to keep it under $650 if possible. If you have a more expensive suggestion I am open to hear it though.

So in a nutshell,
Good/sharp at close range
Wifi if possible, otherwise SD card only so we can use Eye-fi
Megazoom if possible
Easy to use would be a huge plus
Either rechargeable batteries or AA so we can keep using Eneloops
Image stabilization would be nice for the rare occasion I use the camera(my hands are steady as jello).


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