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Default Camera for RC use

I posted this elsewhere but received no replies, so perhaps the gang here at Steve's has some input:

Question ... other than the rugged-ish and approximately 2-ounce 1.3mp "FlyCamOne2" or the marginally similarly featured 1-ounce "Etech Rotate FlyCam 2.0", does anyone know of any small(ish) high image quality digital cameras capable of being set for continuous photo taking (say once every 5 seconds) or being set to do video, for remote control helicopter hobby use?

Inexpensive is the keyword here due to potential R/C vehicle crashes. Light weight is also key.

I just started using the FlyCamOne2 and it does a so-so (poor to my photographic eye) job at a current delivered cost of about $75 (the Rotate FlyCam is similarly priced when delivered). Both also have servo-rotatable heads.

Photos and video are marginally adequate but really are not that good, nowhere near the resolution one would get if a heavier point and shoot digital were mounted to the skids but I do not fly the large pro R/C choppers (extreme cost is the factor here ... I'd rather pay the food bill and purchase the occasional lens!) and both weight and an even more expensive crash-loss are considerations.

Obviously, using a designated photo platform like a "Bergen R/C Helicopter" would solve the problem since you can mount large cameras on it ... but not the financial and extreme skill required problems!

Dream on, Henry ....
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What about these guys?

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Thank you. The wide angle GoPro Hero looks interesting and may just do the trick ... I will check and see if it is available without the weight-adding UW housing ... and I wonder if their 4.9oz weight spec is just the camera, or with the housing. It's a shame they show videos and photos from all their applications EXCEPT radio control ...
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