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Jeri618 Apr 21, 2009 4:14 PM

I know you get tons of these questions, but really when it comes to cameras I have no clue. I tried to research it, but still get so lost in the numbers and features that I just don't understand what I need. I would like to keep my camera to less than $300.

I would like a camera that I guess has fast shutter speed, could possibly take continuous pictures for a given number of seconds so I could catch my dogs and friends dogs in action.

I would like to take pictures outdoors and indoors. I do a lot of dog sport type activities like herding (sheep, cattle, ducks), carting, or just catching them while they are playing. The pictures always come out blurry and gross and I am embarrassed to show them to anyone. So it needs to take clear action pictures quickly.

What kind of camera should I get?

Thanks for your help!


Adding that when I am shooting herding pictures I am obviously not that close so I do need to be able to zoom and still get sharp pictures.

Thank you.


JimC Apr 22, 2009 8:53 AM

Welcome to the forums Jeri.

That's a pretty tall order with budget of less than $300.

I'd probably lean towards one of the "Super Zoom" models since it sounds like many of your photos are going to be outdoors and you may appreciate more optical zoom.

You'll find some choices in that category if you browse through Steve's Best Cameras List

Make sure to read the review conclusions for models you consider, as that's where you'll find more information on a camera's performance. It's the last page before the sample images in each camera's review here.

The shutter speed you can expect to obtain is going to be based on how much light you have, your ISO speed (which is how sensitive the camera is to light, with higher ISO speeds allowing faster shutter speeds), and available apertures at the focal length you're using (with smaller f/stop numbers representing a wider aperture opening that lets in more light). Just because a camera has faster available shutter speeds doesn't mean you can use them (otherwise, you may get an underexposed image). So, you'll need to take things like usable ISO speeds and lens brightness ito consideration.

Indoors, you'll probably need to use a flash in order to prevent blur from subject movement for non-stationary subjects.

One model I'd probably consider is the Panasonic FZ-28 . After some recent price drops, it's available for under $300 now from some of the online vendors like (a reputable dealer). See it's review conclusion for information on AF speed, cycle time between photos, it's available burst modes, etc.

Some of our members may chime in with more suggestions.

Jeri618 Apr 22, 2009 9:14 AM

Thank you Jim! I will take a look at the Best Camera List and see if I can decipher it. I really am a camera novice, but I love to take pictures of the dogs. I kind of was worried that my budget would now allow for a good enough camera, but I really can't go much more than that. (and the $300 budget I stated is really really pushing it for me)

Thanks for your advice, I am going to read it again and try to understand it. If any members have had good luck with camera used for action shots like what I need I would appreciate their input.

Thanks again!!!


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