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I am trying to decide which Canon DSLR I should buy. Obviously cost is a consideration, but not enough if the one I get doesn't meet my needs. I plan on using the camera for both candids and travel photography, but the real driver is architectural photography. I intend to blow the images up to some fairly large prints so image quality is a concern. How much emphasis should I place on Megapixels? If this is a priority, then the Rebel XTI would be one of the top choices; along with the 5D. I can't afford to go beyond the 5D. My concern with the 5D centers on the need to couple the body with really good optics. If every lens I purchace needs to be an L-Series lens, I will go broke. Would I be better spending the money on the optics and less on the body? If so, then is the Rebel, with more megapixels, the best choice. Since I have not used a DSLR before and still shoot with my Canon film SLR's, I really can't say how much all the gingerbread on the 5D is worth over the Rebel. But, I do want a camera that will serve me well for many years to come: I still shoot with a Canon F-1 and A-1 so I keep my cameras. Thanks for you thoughts
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Ideally, you would probably want a 5D along with a wide-angled tilt-shift lens and rectilinear primes.
Value wise, probably the 400xt and an ultra-wide zoom like the sigma 10-20 would be very good and much cheaper.
Extra pixels are actually useful for you as you really do want large prints though the difference between 10 and 12 Mp is not that much.
The main hassle is getting really good wide angles on the smaller sensored cameras. The canon 10-22 and the sigma already mentioned are really, really good lenses, but they do have a little bit of distortion. Unfortunately there aren't many primes that go that wide for the rebel.
Unless you make coffee table books and absolutely have to have the best I think the rebel will be good enough and will save a fortune. You can spend it on nice lenses
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Get the Rebel XTi since you can always upgrade the camera in a few years and still use the same lenses.

I've tried the 30d and the XTi but noticed the Rebel fits better in my hands, the 30d is way bigger.
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