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hoobygroovy Aug 9, 2004 6:22 AM

Hi there,

I'm looking to buy my first digital camera. I am looking for something very small and compact, but that produces good quality pictures both indoors and outdoors. I dont know exactly how much I am going to spend yet, but would obviously like to spend as little as possible!

Having done some research I have narrowed it down to the following cameras (with the cheapest prices that I could find in British pounds):

Minolta G400 (£156)

Pentax S40 (£158 )

Canon Powershot SD110 (£169)

Casio EX-Z40 (£195)

Pentax S4i (£202)

Canon Powershot S500 (£221)

Obviously the S4i will out-perform the S40, and the S500 will out-perform the SD110, but is this performance worth the extra money? I am particularly interested to know how the SD110 compares to the lower-priced, but higher MP cameras.

I have read mixed reviews of the Casio EX-Z40 and Minolta G400, so would be interested to know how they perform compared to the other cameras listed.
Any other recomendations of similar size cameras would be very welcome!

Many thanks,


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