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Thank you very much for taking the time to lookat my post. I am looking for the following, roughly in order of importance:

- Pocketable size: I want to be able to bring it everywhere with me - ideally it should fit comfortably in my front pants/jeans pocket.

- Point-and-shoot: I want to be able to capture special moments quickly, so I would like the camera to have an excellent "auto" mode. I don't have any photography background. I have picked up "Digital Photography for Dummies" and am learning (at a Dummies level!). Perhaps extensive manual controls will be important for me on my next camera, but this one should be able to take great pics with very minimal user input.

- Able to take excellent indoor shots: Main (~70%) camera use will be indoors for family gatherings (e.g., birthdays, holidays) and occasionally with friends at restaurants and bars. I'm learning this means the camera should have high ISO capability and that optical image stabilizaiton helps.

- Weatherproof, or has some kind of casing which is not ungainly or highly expensive that allows the camera to go to the beach and ski slopes safely. I would like to take the camera on an upcoming ski trip. Also next summer we have rented a beach house for the season, and I very much would like to take pictures on the beach on the weekends. Thus the camera should be very capable in sunny outdoor settings (~30% of the camera's use).

- Good movie mode: 640 x 480 at 30fps - I am into techno convergence and would like to be able to shoot decent movies. The ability to use optical zoom during movie mode is important to me.

- Fast: I dislike cameras with long shutter lags or waits between shots.

- Decent battery life

- I've read about optical image stabilization and it sounds good but I'm not sure it is a must-have. I feel similarly about having a wide(r) angle lens or >3X optical zoom.

- I don't plan to create poster-sized prints, but I would like to be able to crop and blow up details. Not sure what number of megapixels is appropriate for me.

Thus far I am considering:

- Sony T10, with the "sports pack" case (case is about $70 now)

- One of the Olympus Styli (which one? many only capture 15fps in high-def movie mode)
- Pentax W20 (have read it has noisy image problems)

Others that fit most of my criteria but I am not sure can be "weatherproofed" with an appropriate case are:
- Casio Exilim S770
- Fujifilm Z3
- Samsung NV3 (also an MP3 player)

The following may be slightly big for what I am looking for, and I am also unsure about the weatherproof issue:
- Fujifilm F30, F20
- Canon 700IS, 800IS, or 900

Thanks very much to anyone who is able to offer advice.

Kind regards,


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If you want the indoor shots in low light then you will have to get the Fuji F30. THe others will need the flash and not be able to go to higher ISOs without a grain picture. The Sony would be a decent choice because of the case, but there are better ultra-compact cameras out there. It's just really hard to get everything in one ultracompact. Oh, remember to check out the length of movies also when looking at a camera. Some without the fast processors and fast memory cards can only do 30 sec. movies. The Fuji is for indoors, Sony (with sports pack) and Olympus for the beach, and Canon for IS and great "auto" shots everywhere else.
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