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I'm looking for a camera to be used by my Product Engineer department. We need it mostly to take shots or small gears and electonics.

1 Needs to have good macro

2 Black andWhite in camera option

3 Have a close up lens attachment option

4 Does not need to produce large filesmost need for e-mail and electronic posting. Multi size OK aslong as small is an option

Thanks in advance

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Find a Nikon 995, it will fill all your requirements without any add on lens. E-bay maybe?
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It does depend what you call "MACRO". Ihave shot a few electronic parts, but they were only close up.. The best camera I have used for real sharp is the Fuji 602. Easy to manually focus, a lot easier than the Canon S2 and sharper shots
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carrollhale wrote:
Find a Nikon 995, it will fill all your requirements without any add on lens. E-bay maybe?
Yes... there were 10 of them on Ebay a few days back (someone had some impact damage to theirs, and I took a look to see what they were selling for used, suggesting they buy another one).

I'd get either a 990, 995, or 4500 on Ebay. They're very good cameras for this purpose.

You'llwant to make sure you've got adequate lighting, too (which is just as important, or perhaps more important than the camera).

If you want a canned solution for smaller subjects, see this link:


Note that they have some online tutorials that assume that you're using a Nikon swivel bodied model (like the Coolpix 950, 990, 995, or 4500), explaining how to setup the camera, and how the macro icon will change colors when you're at the lens "sweet spot" in macro mode.

IMO, these models (swivel bodied Nikon Coolpix models) havethe best macro mode in the business. They can fill the frame with an object around 2/3" across with virtually no distortion (since the "sweet spot" for the lens in macro mode is at about half zoom).

They also have manual exposure and aperture priority modes (so you can increase depth of field by using smaller apertures). Cameras without this ability will choose a larger aperture in lower light, decreasing depth of field compared to these Nikons.

Ebay is probably a good source for these models (they are all discontinued now).

BTW, see this post from Steve. Many of the photos you see in the reviews here,were taken with a Swivel Bodied Coolpix model (990, 995, 4500)


BTW, I've owned two of theswivel bodied Nikon models myself (Nikon Coolpix 950, Coolpix 990). I still have the 950. These cameras were selling like hotcakes at about $1000 when new. The macro photos from them are just as nice today as they were then. ;-) Now, you can find them at small fraction of that used.

If you want to see how detailed the closeups from one of these cameras can be,here is a photo of a cointhat Steve tookwith a Nikon Coolpix 990 (straight from the camera with nomodifications or cropping):


That's probably the kind of detail your engineers would be looking for if photoraphing tiny gears.
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