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Early next year after my wedding we have planned on traveling to Europe for our honeymoon. I currently have an SD300 and am looking to replace that camera. I also regret buying the SD300 for a couple reasons.

A. I have HUGE hands so it feels like I dwarf the camera and on more than one occasion I was taking pictures by holding the camera with only my index fingers and my thumbs.

B. I have pretty shakey hands, so the smaller camera seemed to produce blury pictures more than my parents camera (forget the model) that is twice the size.

As for a camera I'm looking for I'm looking for one that has great controls and the ability to set all kinds of different things but also to be able to quickly set a specific preset mode or a great automatic mode. Of course great pictures is a requirement :P

A nice zoom and image stablization would be nice for when we're on the trains going from place to place as well.

I'm a canon fan but will consider other models as well. A brand that's not stolen often is good too :P
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Try the Fuji S5200

A. Big enough for the biggest hand and you wont feel as though you are holding a match book.

B. it has some anti-shake features

C. the auto settings allow you to get great pictures, but also has the option of manual settings also. the ease of point and shoot without the hassle of a SLR and changing lenses.

D. i havent taken pictures while on a moving object so i dont know how it will preform.

E. 10x zoom works great for those things that you cant get close to, bring them too you.

F. myne hasnt been stolen and i live in miami and take it out all the time. so hope fully you will have the same experince.

G. and the video mode works better than i expected. and will continuisly record until memory runs out and you dont have to do 30 sec clips.

here are some pics that i have taken.
i just moved up from a P&S camera to this one.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

but dont buy it on my recomendation, go to the store and try it out, to see if it fits your lifestyle.

also CONGRADULATIONS!!! on the wedding.
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Nice, liking w hat I'm seeing on the Fujifilm, one of the other cameras I was considering was the Canon S3 IS. When I am finally read to buy one, had planned on taking a trip to the nearest store to take a look at some of em. Hopefully they will let me get a card and play with the camera take pictures, put it on a computer, maybe print one. In a new area right now, I know the Best Buy near my used to let you do all that so we'll see :P

Any other recommends to take a peek at? Was also possibly considering the Cybershot H5. Like you said I'll probably end up picking whats best for me, what would you say are the top....say 3 or 5 most stolen brands in Europe or while traveling. Granted I'll be hugging the thing to me like a little baby but I'll also have my backpack with me so I don't have to have big bag that says "hey theres 500$ worth of camera shit in this bag, steal me!"
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lol i know what you mean... here in miami i have a larger bag but the camera, batteries, batt. charger, and all the cameras cables, that i had to leave in the car from time to time. makes me nervous.

but you really cant win bigger camera = bigger bag.
i ended up getting a lowepro bag for my camera it seems to have alot of compartments and plenty of room and padding for protection. but also will fit into a backpack or suitcase, if needed.

and i really cant say what are the top three brands that get stolen. but the top three reasons may be stolen are.

1. the camera left unsupervised
2. the camera left unsupervised
3. the camera left unsupervised

as for other cameras i really didnt get to use any of them so i wouldnt know what i would be talking about. but i would seriously suggest takning a look at the S5200. i know this seems biased but i have owned fuji s before and they have never failed me. good luck

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I haven't come across any stolen-by-brand statistics for Europe or elsewhere, but I'd assume that whatever the more popular brands are, also get stolen more often.

Perhaps there are also thieves "specialised" on certain brands, but in most cases, would a thief even care or just think "oh, nice piece of equipment, I could get something for it if I take it and sell it"? I doubt a thief coming across an unsupervised Nikon DSLR for example would think "oh, not Canon, I won't bother then".

If a camera looks either big and "professional" (bulky, DSLR-like in shape) or nice, small, shiny and sleek enough to be noticed and "available" for the potential thief or mugger, it's going to be a risk... whatever the brand.

But it's not like everyone going around taking pictures gets their camera stolen, so the risk of that alone should not be enough to stop one from taking a camera. If you're really worried (and I do understand the risk, I'm always somewhat worried about that risk myself, especially when out on my own), I would advise getting something relatively cheap (but still OK image-quality wise) and having several small memory cards instead of one large card - if the camera gets stolen, at least all the images won't go with it.

Other than that... always keep the camera "attached" to you, either around your neck or with a wristband for smaller cameras, when out in the open, never leave it lying around unsupervised (in or outside a bag) and perhaps stay out of "shadier" areas of towns in the evening / when it's dark and there are less people around, or at least don't take the camera out in such places. I doubt there is much else to do otherwise.

Good luck whatever you choose though and enjoy the travelling! I've travelled rather extensively in Europe, and often go out taking pictures here in Estonia, and all my cameras are still safely with me.
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Old Oct 4, 2006, 3:12 PM   #6
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One of the best tips that I had for travelling, especially when in areas where there is a risk of having your camera stolen, is carry two cameras...

1/ Your good one (and in this case the person who gave me the tip is a real photo enthusiast so was meaning a DSLR) which you keep safely packed in a well designed but unmarked backpack unless you want to take those special shots and feel comfortable getting it out in public. (By unmarked, he meant one which doesn't have a big Canon/Pentax/whatever brand logo on it or any of the well known camera bag brands... perhaps this might mean removing or covering the logo)

2/ A 'cheaper' and much smaller p&s which you keep in your pocket (read: "pocket which it can't easily be taken from by skillful pickpocket thieves") and is always ready to capture those spur of the moment shots.

This approach has both advantages and disadvantages...
It means you get a camera with "the ability to set all kinds of different things" and one which is quick and easy with auto mode.
The DSLR is bigger, more comfortable to hold and potentially shakes less (although that would vary from person to person)
You can choose what size zoom lens you want/need. (he suggested 200mm as a good compromise between zoom and size/weight)
You get MUSCH better shots than you would from the compact p&s camera.
Unfortunately, the main disadvantages are that it means carrying more, and heavier, gear (especially if you have a couple lenses) and cost... considering that some of the good 'cheaper' compact p&s cameras cost almost as much as a DSLR.

Anyway, I am not suggesting that you should do this... just passing on the tip which was given to me and which I decided made enough sense that it is what my wife and I plan to do when we head overseas next year.
Unfortunately it doesn't answer your question as to 'which' camera... I have a Canon 350D DSLR which is one of the smaller and lighter weight DSLR's, but still haven't decided on a compact p&s so I too am keen to hear peoples suggestions.

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Old Oct 22, 2006, 3:08 AM   #7
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Just an update to anyone who cares :P

I ended up buying the Canon S3 IS, was on sale at a local place for about 75 off the price I had seen it lately so I had to get it. I LOVE this camera, it takes amazing photos and very good videos. Now to find a good carry case and some good rechargable batterys
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