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Good luck in your thought process. I would be very hesitent at this point to recommend either the Nikon you're looking at or the XSi elo recommended. The reason being we still have no idea what you want to photograph. Getting good results for what you want may require the purchase of an external flash or may require a wide aperture prime lens (in which case the Nikon is a particularly poor choice as there is only 1 prime lens on the market that will autofocus with it and it's a pricey lens). So, I would caution against jumping in to buy ANY dslr kit without further research into what camera capabilities / lenses / accessories would be desirable for the types of photography you're interested in. And, in addition to cost you then have the additional 'cost' of larger gear and more 'stuff' to carry around. Going from a camera you can fit in your pocket or at worst clip to your belt to a DSLR with 2 lenses and an external flash is a big jump in inconvenience. And no camera takes good photos if it's at home on a shelf because you didn't want to lug it around.
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OK. Here is what I need from a camera:

1. Take good to great portrait shots of family. We also have a dog and cat.
2. I frequently visit parks and like to take wildlife and landscapes. Our area is home to ospreys, bald eagles, herons, deer, turkey, and other wildlife
3. My family has a boat and I like to take pictures of our outings of people, wildlife, and scenery. We boat on a river that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay
4. I need to learn more about flash photography, but I would like a camera that takes great shots inside with out having to manipulate many settings
5. I would like to experiment with depth of field
6. Take pictures of scenery at the beach, especially of things off in the distance
7. Portability is not a major issue, but a small footprint would be nice. It doesn't have to fit in my pocket
8. Ease of use is not a priority, but would be a nice addition. I understand you will have to study and experiment with the manual settings to get the full use of any camera.
9. We go to at least one major sporting event a year, either NASCAR or NFL. Would be nice to have some acceptable pics from these events.

These are most of my major interests and I hope it helps with any recommendations you may have.

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For $800 you wont be able to get all you want. For example you can get KIT DSLR $6??ish price varies on XSi you can follow it. Then you'll still have the cost of SD card ($38 for 16GB Transend class 6), ($40ish) bag. That is all you will be able to buy for under $800 to get started. Later you will want a good flash ($220ish) and then a telephoto lens ($250ish) if you are willing to slowly upgrade go DSLR if you want it all now go with super zoom. I my self chose the slow rout and bought a T1i kit and am going to order a flash 2nd and later some lenses.

most of what you are looking for will require a telephoto lens or a flash. you can save alot of money and get some decent shots with a super zoom like a canon SX10is or SX1is but if you are willing to upgrade slowly go for the DSLR.
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Thanks elo
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