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I am looking for a camera to take video reviews for my website. The products being reviewed are mainly bb/Airsoft guns, and it would be ideal if the quality of the video was good enough to be able to see everything clearly on the products, as well as even be able to pick up the bb's when fired (easy to see with the naked eye but unsure how they will come up on camera).

I am also looking for a type of camera and brand of camera which would be easy to upload the videos, edit and organize them, add some intro's, text info etc. (nothing too fancy) and then get them online on both my website and video websites such as youtube.

Battery life is not crucial to me as it will mainly be run right out of my home, but I would prefer something rechargable. I also think I want a camera with flash memory cards as that appears to be the easiest. The main thing over everything though is getting a video online ready and editted as soon as possible.

So far I have found two cameras which I am trying to decide between:

- The Flip Camcorder (60 minute version) by Pure Digital
- Aiptek "Go HD" Camcorder

I am looking between like $120-$250 maybe up to $300 but not looking to spend a whole lot. I am looking for videos that are of exceptional ONLINE quality at a minimum, and solid sound is required. My requirements for sound are it can pick up sounds clearly that are generated right near it, if it can pick them up from a distance, even better.

The Flip camcorder seems to be so easy to use, and get online (as they advertise) but is this entirely true? How hard are the others relative to this one? Is there any like this one that are just as easy to get online but of better video/sound quality? The AA batteries and fixed memory are turn offs, but not a huge deal considering what I am doing.

The Aiptek Go HD seems to have much better video quality, which would be good so I could have a youtube version for anyone and a higher quality download run from my own server so my site members can get the full experience. This one also has rechargable batteries and better camera (it appears) which are both nice, but not necessary.

Anyway I appreciate you reading all of this and any help you could give. I am not fixed on these two, these are just the two I have done extensive research on.

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How bout that one?
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Yeah I saw that one and was considering it but found out it does not even come out for another month or so.
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How about a Kodak Z1275 still camera with good video capability? You can get it for under $220 online from several reputable etailers. Go to pricegrabber or to the appropiate part of this website,


for a list of etailers, their prices, ratings, etc. It has a 5X optical zoom, 12 megapixel still images, and records in MPEG-4 on inexpensive SD and SDHC cards.
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