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Default Camera for Wife...Started with Canon SX30, the Sony NEX-3, but Panny FZs??

First, thanks in advance to all those who are taking the time to read and respond to this post.

My wife is looking for a new camera, although I have to do all the research. She loves to take pictures. She is looking for an all around camera that will also do well for sports. Our daughter is an avid softball player. I realize this last issue can be a deal breaker or make the decsion harder.

She does not want a DSLR at this point, but wants more than a compact
Her 3 biggest criteria are:

1) Picture Quality
2) Zoom
3) Sports Feature or continious picture

I thought we were good with the Canon SX30 for picture quality and zoom, but it seemed to lack in the speed for continuous pictures.

She liked the Sony NEX-3 for continuous pictures and the picture quality seems to very good from what I have read, but to get any kind of zoom we need to spend on an additional lens. And for that I might as well get into DSLR.

Then I read about the Pannys FZ35 and FZ40 , although not as much which seems to also do pretty well in these three catagories.

The budget is about $5-600 but could tweak up if needed.

Thanks again.
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Al I would try the FZ100 with 5 Shot AF...or the Sony HX100V...

FZ35 & FZ40 are relatively slow shot to shot...great little cameras just slowwer than what would be required for sports although you could get some timed shots...the FZ100 with 5 Shot AF would get a Batters Swing easily or a Pitchers Wind Up...the FZ100 also has 11 Shot Burst mode as well as 40 & 60...good HD Video

The IQ is a little flat, but that is a trade off for a faster CMOS type camera...the Sony may do better and has a 10 Shot Burst Mode...Good HD Video...

Either would be ny choice if trying sports shots with good lighting...

There is also a High Sensitivity Mode on the FZ100 for use at night or lower lighting that I would try as well if she was playing at night...
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LTZ, thanks for the info and pointing me in the direction of the Sony and the Z100 as options.

Looks like the Canon SX30 is out as it does not have any burst or continuous picture option.

Maybe between the Sony HX100 and Panasonic FZ100.

Wife for some reason was against Panasonic for no particular reason, but maybe she need to have it in her hands.

Both within budget, so I can get things like an extra battery for the Sony and make sure she has the best card possible.

Any more comments or thoughts would be appreciated!
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It's the sensor story again. CMOS fast, CCD slow

I have a 40 and i LOVE it. I never bought it for speed (which is a dead 3 fps at full res). Besides that, it is unbeatable imo

So i can vouch for the 100
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