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A low light level focus assist light is only as good as far as it can extend out from the digital camera. Most AF lamps extend their light out to about 10 feet. The question I was answering was this: Will AF lampshelp with night landscape shot?

Well, purely as a matter of physics, you can readily see that a scene some 300 to 500 feet distant is not going to make realistic use of the AF light potential. Trust me, Beverly, I am a national ranked digital camera lecturer and I have written three different books on digital cameras. I do know what I am talking about.

Sarah Joyce
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It's $367.99 at Circuit City this week. Can't remember what it was the week I posted my earlier message--sorry for the untimely response.
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I, too, am a big fan of AF assist lamps. Not to flame anyone here, but honestly speaknotsolightly, I don't see anywhere where "night landscape shots" were specified in this particular thread.

I take a lot of shots at night, too, just not landscape shots. I have a Canon A70 (I'll be upgrading next year), and the AF assist is great at parties, on the beach at night, any low light situation where you want a quick pic. Granted, it's flash photography and not high art, but for getting pictures of your friends and familyit's great. I've gotten a focus lock in a dark basement.

As long as your subject is within 6 to 10 feet, they work ok. Because they seem like such simple devices (compared to the rest of the cam) and because so many people want them, I don't understand why they aren't on more digicams. Kinda baffling really.

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