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Autta_focus wrote:
Thanks for the views. Will stay away.

I almost got a A300+Sony original bag+4 GB+Lens Cleaning Kit from butterfly photo for 516$ , but they cancelled the order since it was "out of stock".

And I thought they had a high rating on resellerratings.com...

Mighty angry!
Butterfly Photo is part of the Accoona family of camera vendors.

The required Don Wiss photo:


Which matches up with the photo on the Butterfly site pretty well:


Shedding Some Light


Has a lot more information about Butterfly and her sisters. Each of the sisters (or cousins if you prefer)companies operates out of the samelocation.

Resellerratings has information about several of the sisters as well:




Other Sources of information:




How does one find negative information about a company? The easy way is to Google the company name and add the word scam to the search. EVERY company (evenmyfavorite vendors) are going to generate negative information from forums or personalwebsites. It is up to the customer to decipher through the information and determine the factual versus fictional.

As I read the negative information on the 'net, I am keenly aware of a couple issues:

1) The general public does have the foggiest idea about standard UPS policies with regards to shipping times. For example, shipping from NYC to Boston via UPS ground will take 1 business day (ship on Monday, customer gets on Tuesday), yet customers will pay (often dearly)for expedidated Air delivery services and brag about the excellent service of a vendor who did nothing more thanship the package viastandard UPSGround. Conversely the customer canfiguratively scream their head off because a package took 5 business days to travel via UPS Ground from NYC to LA (the actual timeframe of ground service). Throw in holidays plus normaldelays in shipping and the times in transit are an issue that generates lots of negative comments, many of which are not valid.

2) Factory Rebuilds, 3rd Party Rebuilds, Grey Market, Used, Returns and Demo Models mean different things. Confusion about these terms is common place. Worse is the confusion about these terms with regards to price and Authorized Dealer NEW.

3) Call backs for security reasons versus upselling are not clearly defined. Some customers jump off the cliff in anger ifthe vendor makes a single call, while others will let a vendor walk all over them and think it is good business. Personally, if I am spending $20,000 with a company for the first time, I expect the company to question my identity and verify the order. More importantly, I hope acompany would be diligent enough to contact me to make sure I really wanted to buy aNikon lens witha Canon body

4) Doing your due diligence is important, but customers will spend hours if not days or even weeks chasing the BEST price. True,the purchase might be$100, $500 or whatever and money saved is your money. However, spending seemingly hours trying to save $10 or even $20 is not the best use of one's time. After doing an appropriate level of due diligence determines the selling price of a camera at Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, B&H, Adorama, Calmut, Ritz, Newegg, Crutchfield, Dell and Searsis within $20, it might be best to stop one's shopping for price..... the market has determined the price and the big boys are essentially the same price.

5) If the vendor is offering a price substantially below the price of companies listed in #4, one MUST question how or why. Desiring to cut one's selling price to gain market share is a common business practice and dealers do receive discounts based upon purchasing volume, but does anybody really think XYZ Camera Company operating out of a rent by the month warehouse unit is going to out buy Walmart, Best Buy etc much less attract enough customers to justify the lower selling price?

6) Sony and Panasonic have developed or are developing price fixing programs for major productsto protect the small merchant's marketshareand make the bigger merchants compete on service rather than price. Regardless of one's feelings on these programs, the simple fact remains... the price is the price. Vendors selling products below the Manufacturer's fixed lowest price are baiting the customer. Rebuilds, Grey Market, Bait and Switch, or Bait and Upgrade can be expected.
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I was going to buy my A200 from Ebay and they were indeed imports. They claimed that Sony would honor the warranty, but I decided against it. I bought mine from Abes of Maine, got a good price and a US Warranty.
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Points well taken, though I would like to contest a couple of them later, not now

Sony A300 retails at a far lesser price in UK than US (~$100) while it's the other way round for most stuff, any specific reason you think?

Think that's the case with the entire Sony DSLR range. I live out of India, so it really doesn't matter as to which country I get it from , as long as I have someone to get it for me; from a decent place for a nice price.
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