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I don't know that much about cameras and it has been a long time since I purchased a digital.(1997) :shock:Can some one help me decide which would be the best for me? I make flyers for my business and upload photos to websites. I know there are some real camera whiz's out there.
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It would help if you were more specific.

1.What kind of photos will you be taking? Photos indoors or outdoors or both? Photos of faraway objects or just "normal distance" (up to about 5x optical zoom)? What about macros?

2.What's your budget?

Answering these questions will help the digicam experts help you to find the right camera for you.

Since you'll be taking photos for flyers I think that 4MP would be the minimum, assuming that you may need to do a lot of image adjustment.
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I will be taking indoor and outdoor photos. 6 megapixel or more, I would like to stay in the $300-$ 450 range. I am looking for easy to load onto computer and easy to read menu.
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<<6 megapixel or more>>

6 mp's? I've not ever seen a flyer that needed that much (not even half, really). Unless you have some other need that you didn't state, you only need 2mp's, or 3 at the most. Buying a 6mp camera will only add cost, and inflate file sizes on your computer.

<<looking for easy to load onto computer>>

All cameras that I've ever seen work the same way - hook up a cable from camera to computer. The software in your computer can make a difference, the camera does not. And too, you really don't even need software if you have something like XP, since the computer will just recognize the camera as another drive once you plug in the usb cable, and you can pull images off the camera at your leisure. If you don't want to hook up the camera to your computer, you can just get a memory card reader and hook that up to your computer, and just stick the memory card into it. Your computer might already have a memory card reader built in.

<<easy to read menu.>>

Big display doesn't always mean big letters. The reviews on this site have shots of the camera displays in menu mode. These might help your final decision...


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If you want something that's very easy to use, with simple and self-explanatory menus and scene modes, I'd recommend a Casio or a Fuji. For your price range, check out the Casio EX-Z55 and the Fuji E550.

Nikons and Canons don't have quite as intuitive interfaces, but they do take great pictures pretty much every time. So a Nikon 5200 or Canon A95 or SD300 might work for you.

So those would be my recommendations. They're the ones I usually make for beginners.

If you do want 6MP for $400, I think you have the Olympus C-60, the Minolta G600, and the Kodak 7630 to choose from. The P150 is smaller and I think a little faster, but it's a little more expensive.

I know that's a lot, but at least it gives you a start on what to look for
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