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I bought two SD 550s eighteen months ago. They took great pictures. I ordered two
new PowerShot SD990s last week. THEN I got the obviously well known E18 ERROR on one of my Cannon SD 550s. This is obviously a very big problem. These two cameras were not abused nor were they out in the weather.

MY QUESTION: Since I have tried the fixes mentioned all over the Internet and they did not work, and since this problem seems to have been prevalent across a very wide range of cameras produced by Cannon, what do I do now? I am guessing that
the same weak link exist on the 990s as on the rest of the Cannon line? Should I send the two cameras back or has there been any changes made? It is hard to believe the extent of the E18 error around the world. Wikipedia and the internet is full of disgruntle owners of E18 cameras.
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I read about this E18 error about three or four years ago, but have not seen anything mentioned for the past few years on any of the Canon forums I visited. I have a three year old Canon A620, and have not had any E18 or other errors with it. I also got the Canon G9 in March of this year, and have not had any error messages with it. I treat my cameras carefully, and carry them in a small camera bag at all times.

However, I did a Google search for the E18 error, and discovered some folks have had recent E18 problems with their Canon cameras, including a G9. Here's one of the links;


I would guess this E18 problem has been mostly corrected, except for cases of lens damages while extended. I know some G9 owners prefer to use a lens adapter (tube attached to the body) to protect their lenses, whether extended or not. I have not used the adapter for protection, just for added filters and lenses.

The SD990 does not offer an optional tube adapter for protection, so it is always a good idea to be cautious about bumping the extended lens. Also, don't turn it on and prevent the lens from extending at the same time. An example would be to accidentally turn it on while a a tight fitting bag.

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