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ijay Jun 6, 2010 10:32 AM

Cannon sd800is V s90
Hello to all, I'm a newbe to the forum. I have a cannon sd800is and am thinking about the s90 or is210. Would any of these be an improvement in all around pic. quality.And is it enough dif. to spend the $.

Thanks Ijay

mtclimber Jun 6, 2010 10:41 AM


Welcome to the Forum. We're please that you dropped by.

Yes, because the S-90 has a measurably larger imager, the image quality would be improved. Also the S-90 would provide a better high ISO capability as well.

You would not find thise improvements with the SX-210 which uses the same small imager that is found on the SD-800.

Sarah Joyce

ijay Jun 8, 2010 5:14 PM

Well Itried the s90 and just didn't like the way it felt and fit me in use. Now i'm thinking about zs6/zs7.And still the sx210. Which of these if any will give me better low light and better image quality compared to my sd800is

Thanks Ijay.

mtclimber Jun 8, 2010 7:10 PM


The Panasonic ZS6 and ZS7 have a high ISO capability about equal to your SD-800.

Sarah Joyce

ijay Jun 17, 2010 10:43 PM

Sarah. Thank you for your Kind advise. I purchased
the ZS6 at costco. Charging the battery as I write this. Hope it works out for me. I,ll post again when I get some shots.

Thanks again, Ijay.

mtclimber Jun 17, 2010 10:50 PM

Congratulations, ijay-

Enjoy your new camera. We will look forward to some photos.

Sarah Joyce

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