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Right, update.

My mate has now decided that he can afford a good 2nd hand camera and has seen a Canon 40d and a Nikon d90 for around the same price for the body only.

He said he looked at both and liked them both!

Which would you choose and why?
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Is there anyone you know with Canon or Nikon that might let you borrow some of their gear from time to time? Or maybe even sell of their gear as they upgrade?

If so, maybe that's something to consider.

I have Nikon and Pentax and all my buddies have Canon. A couple of times one of my buddies asked me if I had any lenses he could borrow and I had to remind him that my lenses don't work on his camera. On the reverse side, if I had Canon, I could have borrowed my buddies external flash unit and had multiple flashes to play with, etc . . .

And now, my buddies are looking at selling off their cameras to upgrade. I could be picking up their old gear for really cheap, and they'd know it was going to a good home. Sure, it would be old, but I know these guys and I know they take care of their gear.

Just a random thought.

Take care, Glen
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