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Which camera is best for an amateur like me. I can get any of these I like as a 60 year presentWhich is bestWhiWhich
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The 20D is one of the best presents anyone could wish for much nicer and more capable than the Nikon!! but make sure you get a decent lens with it or budget accordingly!.
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The answer lies in what you want to use the camera for and how involved you want to get with making choices. The 20D is definitely the more capable camera as it is a DSLR. But that also means you will have to choose/buy lenses according to your photography needs - that is the strong suit of SLR cameras is that you can use a specific lense that excells at the type of photography you are doing 'at the moment'. The Nikon cameras you listed are excellent digicams that use one single lense, so for people that are looking for a camera to take family and vacation snapshots with high quality results then these are great choices. However, if you want to do more challenging photography - wildlife, sports, indoor low-light (especially large rooms) then a DSLR becomes more necessary. The biggest failing of the digicams (all of them not just the two you listed) is they have small sensors (device that captures the light and creates the picture). This means, as a rule, they are limited to an effective ISO 100 or less (200 for some of the better digicams). Under fast action or low light scenarious, ISOs of 800, 1600 or 3200 become necessary and these cameras can't handle it without a lot of 'noise' in the pictures (noise = fuzziness).

So, the DSLRs can deliver under more demanding circumstances but they do so at a price - literally. You can expect to pay $200-1300 for each lense you buy for the DSLR. Of course you can buy cheaper lenses but then you won't gain much quality over a digicam. So, let us know how you want to use the camera - for taking pictures or for developing photography as a serious hobby. And also what scenarios you plan to use it for - portrait, macro, wildlife, sports, indoor low light (such as children or grandchildren in plays). The idea here is to find out if your requirements can be met by the less expensive and easier to use digicams or if you require a DSLR to meet your needs. From there people on the site can give you better feedback.
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I'm assuming price is no object. Go for the 20D!
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