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jtayler Apr 5, 2006 11:35 AM

I am looking at getting a DSLR camera and was wondering if I could get some opinions. I am really interested in the Nikon D200 and Canon 30D. As far as I can tell they are both great cameras but real world experience is what I would like to hear about. I have heard that there are some vertical banding issues with the D200 and also the white noise is considerably higher on the D200 at ISO's above 400. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently I do not have any lenses of either brand so accessories will not play a part in my decision.

headhunter66 Apr 5, 2006 11:49 AM

I love Canon and think they make a great camera. We recently upgraded from a Digital Rebel to a 5D but we first looked at the 30D. I'm glad we went with the 5D, it is a very nice camera but it also has a very high price.

I looked at getting a D200 but because of all of our Canon gear it would have been a little more expensive. I've read several reviews on the D200 and they are all positive. Take a look around for some and if you haven't read Steves review, give it a look.

That said, if I had to choose between the D200 and the 5D, I would go 5D. If i had to choose between the 30D and the D200, it's a no brainer, D200. It costs a little more, but you get a lot more. Me being a Canon fan, that was hard to say, but it's the truth.

Hope this helps a little.


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