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I have the Nikon D50 with the Nikon 18-200 VR lens. I believe this to be a great combination for everyday use. I did not expect that this lens would be available to me for many months, however in my case it showed up the day after I purchased the Camera, so I was in a situation were the cash outlay was much more than anticipated at this point in time. (i had to grab it, realising how in demand this one is)

I made comment at my retailers that if I had realised that I would outlay so much in the one week my Camera selection for consideration would have included the Canon 30D. I have now an option to exchange what I have for the Canon 30D!

Would I be better off sticking with the D50 with the 18-200VR combination or should I exchange for the Canon 30D which is basically at identical price but with the 18-55mm kit lens.

I am now totally confused, am happy with the present combo, but am thinking further ahead. Canon 30D would be a different class of Camera, but the VR lens is certainly a different class of lens to the Canon 18-55 kit.

Any suggestions? Any advice? All imput welcomed.
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I would keep the D50 and 18-200 VR. You'll get much better picture with those two combination, than with 30D and 18-55 lens.

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I'm a canon person, to be honest you got a real nice lens I would stick with it, you always keeps lens and move up on the body's. Right now im deciding 350xt with 17-85IS or spring up for a 20D with a lesser lens or kill the budget and push the 17-85IS. I could get away with it since I don't own any lenses. a D50 can beat a 5D hands down if the 5D was handicapped by a guetto cheapo lens. How do you like the 18-200VR? I have heard around there's some light fall off at the end of the barrel and is usually sharpest in the middle of the spectrum. If you do decide to move on check around there's a high demand for 18-200vr lenses and you could make more than trading it in.
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Keep the Nikon, you can always upgrade the body in 3-4 years to a D200.
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I'll cast another vote for sticking with the setup you have. You've got a fine camera and a very nice lens and nothing you've said indicates the 30d would be a better fit - especially not with the kit lens. And, I'm a Canon user also (20d) so I'm not being a brand snob.

Keep what you have and enjoy it!!
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