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Old Jun 23, 2006, 8:53 PM   #1
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I am confused in which one to buy - Canon 30D vs Nikon D200. I believe since most of my pictures are going to be insideor in a darker environment then I should get the 30D. However, everyone keeps calling it old news. Whats up with this????:P

It is an expensive purchase and I only want to do this once every couple of years. If any one has an real advice - I would be interested......
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Old Jun 24, 2006, 2:15 PM   #2
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Can you be more specific on the types of things you want to photograph? For instance, "indoors" could mean birthday parties and social gatherings. In which case I suggest using an external bounce flash so high ISO performance is not necessary. or it could mean your child's basketball team where flash is difficult or not desirable and high ISO performance IS critical.

Also, you're looking at 2 pretty expensive SLR bodies. Do you really need the features they offer over the entry level Canon and Nikon bodies? The reason I ask that is - if you don't need the added features, you're better off spending your money on better lenses.

As to the 30d being "old news" - I wouldn't respect a person that considered that camera 'old news'. I would argue such a person isn't much of a photographer but rather a 'gadget freak'. Also typified by comments like "it only has 8 megapixels". Again, a sign of someone who probably doesn't know photography very well. Both of these are fantastic bodies and both probably represent the best of breed in midlevel DSLRs.

So give us some more specifics about what you'll be shooting and why you want one of the midrange bodies rather than an entry level (of course if price is no object then by all means get a midlevel body AND great glass).
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Old Jun 26, 2006, 10:47 PM   #3
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[align=left] I am having the same dilemma – D200 or 30D. :?

I will be taking fast action sports shots, outside (horse events). I need:
1) as little shutter lag as possible (the D200 is 50ms and the 30D is 65ms…. Can I really tell the difference?)
2) FAST focus on fast moving objects
3) Fast shutter speed
4) Continuous shooting

I'm not hung up on high resolution, as most of what I take will not be enlarged.

I have no equipment at this point, so I don't have any old equipment I need to be compatible with.

I hear that Canon is the way to go for fast action …. Anyone using a D200 for this kind of photography? The guys at the photo store (who don't care which I purchase) tell me that the 30D would fit my needs better, and that Canon has better lenses.

Speaking of lenses…. Any suggestions? I don't have an unlimited budget, so something that will be a good general purpose (leaning toward zoom and not wide-angle) would be the best for me to start with ( like a 75-300 ). I rented a 20D and a 75-300 last weekend, and had rented a D200 a few weeks before to have the chance to hold and use each of them. The 20D felt "slower" in general than the D200, but I would be purchasing the 30D…. I hear it's faster.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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Old Jun 29, 2006, 11:31 PM   #4
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Yes most of my photos will be my family and house building project. The pictures which I will take outside will be in a darker environmet since most of the time it is cloudy and rainy here in SE Alaska. Those pictures which I will take outside will be more of action and some will be of nature.

I was to the understanding the Canon takes better pictures in the darker surrounding than the Nikon. The megapixel is important but until prices come down further I can not afford a 10+ megapixel camera. That is why the Nikon still has my interest. I understand the out put between a 8 and 10 megapixel isn't much but each step keeps adding up.

As for the spending - I would rather buy a camera that I can grow into then to have to buy another one in a year. I plan to take a photography class this next year if I can get the time to permit.

So in the end so far I am more inclined to buy a Canon rather then the Nikon and just buy a package from Ebay for about 1600 which comes with some entry level material and a mid leve camera.

:ak47:Anybody have any last advice before I commit myself to this.:O Is there any thing I will regret later?????:O
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Old Jul 13, 2006, 11:48 AM   #5
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Im certain you will be 100% more satisfied with Nikon.

With my Canon 30D experience, It wasntso good reasons for it being, the interface really sucks. If you need to change some setting.... good luck. Their kitted lenses are so cheap that your pics going to come out worse than a regular digital camera.

Nikon on the other hand, body wise, has nice grip, super nice interface, ...overall a better camera, plus it comes with a nice lense. So once you start shooting with Nikon your pics will be much more superior to that of Canon. If you decide to go with Canon, consider purchasing another more expensier lense, else you wont be satisfied with pics. With my experience,Nikon makes better glass, although my opinion is subjective, cause Canon makes great glass too with minor diviations.

D200 is considered to be slightly superior to 30D overall. It has fast shutter, faster focus, fast continuous...and much more.
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