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Forgot one thing - the xsi does not have wireless built in. So it cannot wirelessly trigger strobes without accessories (you can trigger them optically by firing the built in flash but to trigger them you need a pocket wizard or wired setup).
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chrisbos wrote:
Thanks to everyone for your input, keep it comming Jim, here are the detail of my slr lenses: Sigma 28-80mm AF 1:3.5-5.6 Macro, and Sigma 100-300mm AF 1:4.5-6.7 DL
Chances are, they would work fine on the D80 or D200. You'd have to try them to make sure (as sometimes you see compatibility issues with older Sigma lenses). Note that they would not Autofocus on the entry level Nikon bodies (D40, D40x, D60), because Nikon didn't include a focus motor in those bodies. Other Nikon bodies have a built in focus motor.

But, these are relatively low quality lenses. So, I wouldn't base a purchase decision on them.

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I just purchased my first Dslr and I went with an XSi. Truth be told I have not had much time to go out and use it much, but I have played with it here at home and familiarized myself with it.

What I like most about it is that the camera is fairly easy to navigate and understand. Changing settings and menus is fast and simple, for me anyway.

I also really like how light it is overall.. I find the ergonomics of it very good and is compact. Of course, it takes some pretty sweet shots as well.. I find that for the price I paid, I got every cent out of it.

I would agree though that lenses will make it or break it naturally. So far I have the 18-55 kit lens, and the canon55-250 that I got used. The inclusion of IS in these lenses is fantastic as they are really worth the extra $.. The ability to shoot RAW is also a bonus for some. Haven't quite delved into that yet but am anxious to try it out..

All in all I got it because of all the above. Great starter SLR at a great price for what you get.
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chrisbos wrote:
Thanks for the positive feedback. Any shortcomings of the 450D? Is the kit lens okay?
I'm very impressed with the 18-55mm IS kit lens. So impressed I bought the companion, the 55-250mm IS. I own a lot of expensive glass for my Nikons and I was expecting to see a huge difference in sharpness and color. While there is some, it's very slight and I think someone who is on a budget, say under $1000 would do well to go with the XSi.

Here's a quick image I shot Halloween night right after I received the camera.

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I would suggest trying out all of the entry level cameras to see which one feels the best for you . The Canon entry level cameras are too small for my hands and just give me a feeling of being cheaply made. I much prefer the feeling of the Nikon D80. I don't shoot with either a Canon or a Nikon but the Nikon cameras seem to be have a little better build quality. They will all take great shots. Which ever camera you buy make sure you get either stabilized lens or stabilized bodies. I find that feature invaluable. C. W.
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