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Default Canon 450D (XSi) or Nikon D60?

After months of putting it off, I have been given a week by my boss to pick a camera. It's my first dSLR and I'll be using it mainly under low light situations taking pictures of people in bars. I'll also use it for pics of the family out and about.

The "options" I've been given are:

450D with 18-55IS & 55-250IS lenses

or for AU$250 less either
450D with 18-55IS lens
D60 with 18-55VR & 55-200VR lenses

First question: 450D or D60?

Second question: If I get the 450D, is the 55-250IS worth the extra for someone like me who isn't going to be doing alot of zoomed shots? Or would I be better putting that towards a faster lens like the EF 50mm f/1.8?
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I really believe that the XSi is the best choice. Yes, I have been down the Nikon lane before and i honestly do not see the D-60 as a very strong contender.

Sarah Joyce
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For low light situations, the Canon is a much better choice. And if low light is the primary use for this, the 50/1.8 would be a much better invenstment than the 55-250. In fact, I would opt for the 50/1.4 or even the 50/1.2 if at all possible.
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Originally Posted by Phluffed View Post
It's my first dSLR and I'll be using it mainly under low light situations taking pictures of people in bars.
I'd suggest that you budget for an external flash. Even with a bright prime (30mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, etc.), your shutter speeds may be too slow to freeze any movement in a dimly lit bar, even using a camera with ISO 3200 (something that's not a good idea with those models, and the XSi doesn't even have an ISO 3200 setting).

Without a flash, you'll probably need to take photos when your subjects are relatively motionless, even with a brighter prime at higher ISO speeds (forget using the kit lenses for indoor use without a flash, as your shutter speeds are going to be too slow for shooting non-stationary subjects in a dimly lit bar using lenses that dim).

If you can't use a flash for some reason, then I'd get something like a Sigma 30mm f/1.4. You may not have room to back up enough to get what you want in the frame using a longer lens like a 50mm on a camera with an APS-C size sensor (not to mention that your Depth of Field will be very shallow trying to shoot at wider apertures if you're filling the frame much, and a wider angle of view can help).

But, I'd probably move up to a better camera body with higher usable ISO speeds if you need to shoot without a flash.
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