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I want to upgrade my Nikon L4 camera. I'm trying to decide between the Canon 570 IS and the 590 IS. I take mostly snapshots, but sometimes like to print pictures up to 8 x 10. I definitely need the IS. I need to be able to take decent movies with sound. We'll be going to Germany early next year and I want to be able to get good pictures and videos there. Is the 590 realy that much better than the 570?
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They are the same camera except that:
The A590IS is black, a much nicer looking camera in my opinion
The A590IS has 8mp while the A570IS has 7mp, a meaningless difference
The A590IS has "motion detection" technology, which automatically increases the ISO when the subject is moving. I'd probably turn this off.
The A590IS shoots 640x320 video at 20 fps, rather than 30 fps as does the A570IS.

I have the A570IS and I like it very much. In my opinion, the only advantage the A590IS has is the nice black color. Given that the A570IS is cheaper and has better video, I'd buy the A570IS (unless you think the black color is worth an extra $35)
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The major difference between Canon's A-570 and A-590 is the jump from 7.2 mp of resolution to 8.0mp in the A-590. Other than that they are essentially the same with one little exception that will affect you. The Video Clip resolution (640 X 480) is the same, but the frame rate has been decreased from 30 fps to 20fps. That will make people moving in your video clip appear a bit jerky. Here is a photo sample from the A-590 that I found on another website.

Sarah Joyce

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